$10k to Keep Golfers from Falling off Deck

You can’t make this stuff up, people.  According to board member Craig Harvey at Tuesday’s meeting, Diamondhead has some golfers who like to hang out on the golfers’ deck, but in one corner a table is placed near the deck’s edge where there’s an 8 inch drop to the ground.  Every now and then, sad to say, a golfer accidentally topples over into the flower beds below.

You might think the solution would be to move the table, but you would be wrong.  Since some golfers have been sitting there for 17 years now but haven’t figured out yet how to stop tumbling off the deck, it’s up to us to keep them all safe.  Bless their hearts.  For $8,500 (for materials only because labor is donated) LED lights will be installed, the corner will be “aesthetically improved,” and I think I heard the deck will be extended but by then, in a fit of giggles, I forgot to take notes.

Board member Uwe Seitz pointed out that we already have an aggressive capital budget with heavy overruns and asked Harvey what his justification was for the spending.  “Member request,” he replied.  “What will it improve?  What value will it bring?” asked Seitz, reminding those who ran on a platform claiming to respect the membership’s money that this could come back to bite them if they want to run again.  Harvey tried asserting that it would reduce liability costs but Seitz soon made mincemeat of that.  Board member Don Crosby snarled at Seitz that the expense was minimal and “we” have lots of money.

Vice-president Jerry Weber stated that the board has overspent in every way on the budget and that this item should be moved to 2016.  Board member Kelsey Johnson then asked general manager Mark Boyd for his take on how much priority should be given to deck topple-proofing, but Boyd deferred to someone in khaki and red who hopped up on the stage to answer.  I’m guessing it was club manager Eli Biggers who informed us that about “67 guys” want it, they are part of the membership, it will benefit them, “a lot” of members are in favor of this, and it will generate more activity and business for the clubhouse.  President John Fletcher voiced his opposition to starting a new project.

Someone called the question and the board passed the motion to approve the project, not to exceed $10,000.  Crosby, Harvey, Johnson, Kyger, Montjoy, and Silcio voted for it,  Fletcher, Schaefer, Seitz, and Weber against, and McCulley opted to “pass.’

In other fun, earlier in the meeting POA member C.J. Longanecker took well-worded, stringent issue with the board’s decision to destroy the view from the club dining room with a bocce ball court, asking how they dared do these kinds of things without any membership consultation.  The board had no answers for her repeated questions.  Johnson tut-tutted at Fletcher, apparently trying to get him to silence Mrs. Longanecker, then board member Marshall Kyger, turning his customary purple, asked Mr. Fletcher to kindly enforce board policy on muzzling POA members.

Apparently neither noticed that it was on the agenda since the manager had already reported on it.   At any rate, after $38k was tacked onto the ballfields project, this most entertaining board spectacle meeting, came to an end.   On leaving the stage Kyger, sporting a floral-banded straw gambler hat that went well with his island tourist outfit, stopped long enough on his way to the 19th Hole to let Gary Longanecker know that the newly added promontory destroying the dining room view is not a bocce ball court.  It’s an event lawn.

Makes all the difference, don’t cha know?



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  1. Another SNL comedy night put on by the POA Board on how to spend money and keep the monthly dollar over runs going. You have got to be kidding, spending another 10K to keep golfers from falling off a deck. Another brain storming idea to correct this 17 year problem by adding LED lights “helping the golfers to see” after installation, the corner will be “aesthetically improved,”. Laughter after laughter when Board member Don Crosby “Big Bucks” said that this is a great idea and the expense was minimal and “we” have lots of money. You might see this group next on SNL known as the POA clowns. We have several more months of these clowns spending your money so grab some popcorn and your favorite beverage for more laughs to come. Hey, how about a moat around the club house filled with gators to keep out the Diamondhead POA tax payers from seeing your next fiasco!!!!!

  2. squaredeal1 | July 31, 2015 at 9:26 am |

    So, they will place little Solar lights around the area that continues to trip these poor drunken fools fall off of..Really?, really?..8500.00?..let me fix it for them, I can do it for about 200.00 tops..Wonder how many ways they have to split this little financial windfall.?

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