A Champion Passes

The untimely death of Michael Schaefer, Treasurer of the POA, is a terrible loss to the community of Diamondhead.  Michael was working hard to find the answers as to why so much of our money is being lost by management of Diamondhead.  Most of you know Michael had filed a law suit to have a forensic audit done on the losses occurring in Country Club management. Michael tried to do his fiduciary responsibility as Treasurer of the POA to have this audit done without a lawsuit.  He was stopped at the door of the Country Club by some of the other Board members.  Why would they not allow Michael to do his elected responsibility? I’ll leave that to your imagination.

With his health problems, the stress of fighting for honest answers to the POA losses was, too much for recovery.  However, Michael Schaefer is a hero and a community champion for trying to find the reason for this huge loss of your money and mine.  Because Michael, through his honesty and integrity, was so alone in his endeavor for financial transparency of POA management, let’s continue the fight to KNOW!!! Don’t allow Michael’s work to end.  Join me and the Alliance for a Better Community (A4BC) in Michael’s fight to end the corruption in our POA community.

According to Michael’s knowledge, the losses by the POA apparently amount to well over $800,000.00 by October 2015. I don’t know how much more was lost by the end of December.  Michael was a licensed auditor and worked many years for Martin-Marietta after his career with the U.S. Navy.

You would think our remaining elected POA Board of officers and directors would welcome knowing where the losses are occurring and how to stop the bleeding of our resources.  One thing is sure, someone does not want you and I to know why our money is being siphoned away so needlessly. Sadly for all of us, we may never know because the lawsuit, after Michael’s death was stopped by the POA.  The President of our POA apparently doesn’t want to know where the money has gone because he could, as President, have demanded to continue this audit, instead he had his name removed from the lawsuit.

Will we ever know the depth of this apparent waste?  Only when the POA runs out of money and assesses each property owner for additional money making the membership so angry we will all fight Michael’s battle.  After takeover, when all the equipment and furniture was removed from Diamondhead, the few members that lived here was assessed to refurnish and equip.   So, don’t let anyone tell you it can’t happen.  It has already happened once.

About the Author

Gary Longanecker

Gary Longanecker is a retired Naval Officer after 22 years of Naval service. He served as the Commanding Officer, Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Training Center, Fresno, California. In 1971, he drafted the original document that was used to reorganize the Naval Surface Reserve into the force that augments the Regular Navy today. During this assignment his main job was to manage nationally twelve Naval Reserve personnel training programs that consisted of 33,000 personnel and developed these program’s training requirements. In the mid-1970s, He served as Commanding Officer, Naval Facility, Grand Turk, BWI. This facility’s mission is classified. In the early 1980’s, He served as the Director of Man Power for the Eleventh Naval District located in San Diego, California. The Eleventh Naval District area of responsibility covers the Southern half of California and the states of Arizona and Nevada. While in that position, Gary had the honor to lead the number one rated Naval Recruiting organization in the nation. During that assignment he changed and improved the national policy of how new recruits are assigned their Naval billets. He was specifically chosen by the Secretary of the Navy’s’ office to redesign the methods and put in place the procedures to recall Naval Reservists and Naval Retired Personnel to active duty in time peril which required rapid movement of personnel.
His civilian employment involved aviation and real estate. He was the Senior Executive Vice President for Sizeler Property Investors, a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that traded on the New York Stock Exchange. He held the positions as Director of Human Resources and Director of Risk Management.