A Different View with Bocce Ball

We eat at the Country Club frequently, and always eat there if we have guests.  So, imagine our surprise this past week when we sat down, looked out, and there is no view!!!  No beautiful lake valley, no green trees, no driving range, no 18th hole on Pine, instead, the outside area that sloped downward for a beautiful view, is now filled with dirt to build a bocce ball court.  The ONLY reason for eating at the Country Club exists no longer for us.  The POA Board has stolen the view without even a notice to the members who pay the property tax and monthly dues on all the amenities.  When the POA builds anything for the membership, in this case a frivolous, unnecessary thing, the

bocce-ballmembership, (you and I) pay more property tax.  When the membership has no voice in the matter, is this not taxation without representation?


Those who voted to approve this abomination should now personally pay to have it removed…returning the view to the dining room.  If we need a bocce ball court it certainly should not be in the sight of those who dine at the Country Club.


Gary and C.J. Longanecker  (property owner since 1992)

3 Comments on "A Different View with Bocce Ball"

  1. Just another ridiculous idea from the POA Board who seek out ways to spend our money. Try balancing the damn budget for the golf palace for once instead spending at a $50,000 loss per month. When will the residents wake up to ineptness of this Board?

  2. I agree ! It “had” a gorgeous view of Diamondhead’s best assets. I always brought out of town guests to the Country Club to eat while showing of our beautifull golf courses. I imagine the food sales will drop quite a bit.

  3. wayne king | July 16, 2015 at 5:44 am |

    Who is doing the work? Is it “in house” or “Contracted”. Our Contracting” lately seems to be closed to competition.

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