ABC Goes Back into Action August 6

Vacation’s almost up and it’s time for Alliance for a Better Community to meet again.  This Thursday, August 6 at 6 pm in East Hancock Library’s meeting room, we start the process of determining who to support for 2016 POA board elections.  All who share our goals of accountability, transparency, and civility at all levels of Diamondhead government are welcome to participate.

Our first step is deciding the criteria by which we will judge and recruit candidates:  that is, the issues that we care most about and the qualities we want in our elected officials.   Your suggestions are needed on Thursday.  Please be thinking about the important community problems you want the board to address and the characteristics or qualities you think are essential in effective leaders.  If you can’t attend the meeting but want to participate, send your suggestions this week to

Suggestions will be compiled by ABC’s steering committee, checked for compatibility with ABC goals, and sent out for membership vote by email.  When those are established, we’ll move to the next stages.  ABC will do everything possible — interviews, getting community opinion, background checks, etc. — to find and support excellent candidates who want a better Diamondhead for all and have demonstrated the integrity it takes to carry out campaign promises.  Your help will be invaluable on committees to do this work.

Seven board positions — four officers and three directors — will be open for the 2016 elections.  Slated to remain for two more years are Craig Harvey, Paul Montjoy, Donald Silcio, and John Fletcher who will take over the ex officio Past President position.

With property values already down, covenants heading for expiration, but also many wonderful features to build a great future upon, change is coming one way or another to Diamondhead.  You can help shape it through your involvement. Hope to see you on Thursday or to hear from you at

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  1. squaredeal1 | August 3, 2015 at 9:06 am |

    It surely is a shame that we can’t get rid of Harvey,Montjoy,and the woman beater..Oh well, Karma is a bitch, and their day is on the way.

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