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ABC’s goal is better government for all of Diamondhead’s residents and property owners.  When officials put self-interest over the public interest we won’t hesitate to criticize, but we certainly prefer giving credit to those who put public benefit first.  Here’s the good news lately on that score:

Residential Water/Sewer Hookup Fees Take a Dive

DheadWSRecent changes in the Diamondhead Water and Sewer District are paying off for the city.  Residential hookup fees have been reduced from $3,165 to $1,150, which means an automatic $2,000 increase in value for lot owners as one commissioner pointed out.  It also helps remove a discouraging hurdle for would-be buyers looking at Diamondhead as a place to locate.  Kudos to the DWSD Commissioners for making a much-needed improvement.


Councilman Lopez Supports $10k for Books at E. Hancock Library


Councilman Joe Lopez

The as-yet unofficial minutes of the August 18 meeting report that Councilman Joe Lopez stated for the record that he’s in favor of providing $10,000 to the library system for books and other materials for Diamondhead’s branch.  Good to know we’ve got a councilman who understands the importance to the community of a well-stocked library.  Thank you, Councilman Lopez.   We hope to hear that others will vote with you.  A council that unanimously gave $17k to Cruisin’ the Coast ads can surely give the same green light to books still available to citizens long after the cars have all rolled away.

POA and City Cooperate on Dog Park

Details were reported previously, but POA and city both deserve praise for cutting through red tape that blocked the park’s permitting process.  A large contingent of city officials attended the August POA meeting to help answer questions, the POA general manager reported on progress, and the board voted to fund the $500 application for a conditional use zoning permit at the site.  The application now must go before the P&Z for a public hearing, and then before the council to determine if final approval is merited, but between them the two government bodies have cleared out the logjam holding up progress.   Nice work, City and POA.

Sept. 1 Council Meeting Agenda

You might want to attend the Tuesday, Sept. 1 council meeting at 6 pm if you have an interest in any of these topics:

  • a smoke free ordinance for all enclosed public places in Diamondhead
  • an order setting Oct. 13 for the Ward 2 special election (Sept. 23 qualifying date)
  • the next contract/interlocal agreement for law enforcement services, possibly with provisions to encourage deputies who want to remain part of the Diamondhead Division of the Sheriff’s Department through a form of supplemental pay.
  • not showing on the agenda so not sure it will take place, but the council agreed at the Aug. 18 meeting to vote on library support at the Sept. 1 meeting.

Government is a trust, and the officers of the government are trustees. And both the trust and the trustees are created for the benefit of the people.              — Henry Clay



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