Board “Easily Explains” Going Overboard on High Living


Soon to be on the menu at the Diamondhead Country Club, Gold Duck?

The Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners board’s explanation for this year’s country club losses of over half a million dollars — up through August alone — is truly a piece of work.

Here it is, straight from the “Auditbuster Eight’s”  motion, filed recently with the court in an effort to get the Treasurer’s and VP’s lawsuit against them dismissed (Read  board’s motion here):

“The amounts alleged to be unexplained “losses” are in fact the result of an easily explained increase in Country Club expenses.  Earlier this year, DPOA hired a new Club manager and directed him to improve the quality of food and service at the Club.  To meet that directive, the Club manager has hired additional staff and purchased higher quality food products.  The Club has not raised its prices; therefore, the increase in operating costs has resulted in a higher than usual net operating loss for the Club.  As always, the Club’s operating loss is covered by DPOA member dues and other DPOA income.  These facts relating to Club finances are readily apparent from review of basic DPOA financial statements.”

Amazing.  They blissfully toss ethics, business sense, and their own fiduciary duty overboard — for what?  Nurturing a pretentious wannabe lifestyle for a few country club users whose losses are “as always covered by” you, this time amped up deliberately by board choice?  Really?  I don’t think I’ve ever before read such a blatant admission of what is, at very best, a half-witted venture into total recklessness.

Diamondhead’s Auditbuster 8

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  1. Lets take a realistic look at what is happening to our community here in Diamondhead these past few years. When people are looking at our community as perhaps a place to live and raise a young family it sounds like a safe (little crime) place with amenities,for the whole family. Swimming pools, tennis center, Golf courses, football fields, baseball, etc. People in their fifties may buy a home to retire and live out their years. Then there the retired people that want to buy a nice home, enjoy the climate and perhaps use some of the amenities. A nice cross section of people that should be a ideal environment for all. Back in the ’60’s when the golf courses were built the idea was to draw a large number of wealthy people to buy homes around the golf courses and live here or commute as an off season home and to play golf. The majority of people were retired and it had the look of retirement properties. Well that never happened and it never became The Villages in Florida. Today we have the lowest number of membership golfers that have ever played these courses. The 8 Board members are living dreams of the past that the courses will become the next Pebble Beach or Augusta and will attract the top PGA events. The millions of dollars lost trying become one of the elite properties will never happen no matter how much of the property owners money is used. I have to believe some of the 8 Board members are reacting like sheep just following the few. If you don’t believe what I am writing…just ask any Realtor why their are more than 400 properties for sale. The word is out there and the future looks dim for sales. If this trend continues I’m sure that some members of the Board will more away from Diamondhead saying “Not sure what happened to the community” it use to be a great place to live”. Again it’s just the few that like to throw our money around just as though they were Augusta members in their dreams at others expense! As 2020 approaches the POA fees will disappear and the BIG BUCKS stop flowing to the Board. I’m sure they are prepared to spend, spend, spend until there is no more $$$. Only the property owners can do something about this situation…are you ready?

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