Board Members Answer Complaint

In papers filed in Hancock County Chancery Court on Monday, October 12, 2015 the blegalDHoard of directors of Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association, Inc. has presented its defense of a Motion for a Declaratory Judgement filed by the association’s Treasurer, Mike Schaefer.

The legal conflict began when the Treasurer called for a forensic audit. Four board members, Elton Kyger, Craig Harvey, Paul Montjoy and Donald Crosby, blocked the attempt of the auditor in gathering information from the Diamondhead Country Club.  The country club accumulated $72,000 in losses for the month of August.

A temporary restraining order is now in place that includes a court ordered records gathering and retention operation that is underway by a third party contractor.

To read the filing, click here: Board’s Response to Treasurer’s Complaint

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  1. The board members typically present a front of their own perspective as to the needs and openness of their decisions when guarding the POA from assaults by those that seek uses or reductions of their POA fees for other endeavors. In their eyes these Property owner Malcontents who wish to know where losses occur at the country club and other POA debacles are only out to rob them and their supporters of cheap over-pored drinks, play upon an over manicured golf course that has never been what they aspire to. Who knows what other hallucinations they aspire to. While the malcontents only seek an honest open disclosure to which they are entitled. See you on the indispensable Bocca Ball court.

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