Board of Destruction

The members of the POA Board of Directors are absolutely beyond their authority to bulldoze another piece of property belonging to all the property owners of Diamondhead, equally.  Since Purcell, in 1985, with the help of the Hancock Tax Assessor, Mr. Murtaugh, and without the knowledge of the membership (property owners), reallocated the property tax for all the amenities directly to the property owners on their individual properties.  Therefore, I believe that Purcell, alone, even with a turn-over agreement, does NOT have the right to give the POA Board of Directors permission to destroy amenities, in this case part of the Community Center.  Nor does the POA Board of Directors have a right to build new amenities on which the membership (property owners) will be legally responsible for paying the property tax.  ie: the planned al Fresco dining area.  It is taxation without representation!

The Board of Destruction reminds me of the “Mouse Moral” in the old children’s story of the seven blind mice and the elephant.  icon_meeting-300xThe Board sees only one thing at a time and destroys it without seeing the consequences to the WHOLE of Diamondhead.  Without considering other solutions that are much less expensive, like rewiring and installing modern controls to prevent the waste of energy, this Board continues to destroy the Community Center. Why?  Is the purpose to enrich HMS and bankrupt the POA? Or is there an even more sinister purpose?  Why is it that when you  look at this management company’s list of clients, Diamondhead is the only one that does not list the OWNER?  The POA membership is the OWNER and TAXPAYER for the amenities in this community.  Take off the blinders and see the whole reality of your destructive actions!! 

The Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Choctaw Nation have been informed by letter that Diamondhead’s Board of Directors have destroyed the ancient Indian Mounds on #1 and #4 Pine Course.  It is a Federal offense to destroy Native American artifacts, even in Mississippi.  Ignorance is not a defense for this egregious act.


About the Author

C J Longanecker

Former Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association Secretary, Member for 43 years)