POA Board Calls for Investigation

In a dramatic moment last night the board ordered General Manager Mark Boyd to launch an intensive investigation into the POA with the intent that wrongdoers be “aggressively prosecuted.” 

No, sorry, it’s not about why money is flushing down the country club hole.  Or why the board engages in no-bid contracts with Purcell-connected HMS and Fore Front.  Or who, exactly, is benefitting from the board’s generous dole of owners’ money to some favored amenities.

No, what launched them into a full scale “investigation” is that Diamondhead News Online published the chef’s salary, and the board therefore will classifiedinfoturn over every rock to find out who dared tell.  Really.  According to Sharon McCulley,  you members are entitled to some information under the Mississippi statutes, but “you are not entitled to everything you read on Diamondhead News Online whether you believe it or not.”      

What is unbelievable is the wacky stuff these people say and believe.  Uwe Seitz tried hard to get them to see reason, but it was hopeless.  A majority voted for it: sic Mark on it, pay more lawyers, insult employees by making them sign sworn statements, but whatever it takes, find the chef’s salary leaker and hang ’em high. 

In other news, defendants in the audit case took up time impersonating Perry Mason, complete with gotcha questions to the plaintiffs and grandiose proclamations to their peanut gallery.  The board also spent some time passing motions for new country club projects (extending the patio, landscaping, and a TV at the 19th Hole), new mowing equipment, and additional recreational equipment. 

Finally, they passed a motion to defer payments to lawyers and auditor until the matter is decided in court, and the meeting ended at long last when the defendants, under Marshall Kyger’s command, marched off to an executive session on litigation.  

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  1. I knew Craig Harvey was going to try to deflect attention from the needed audit by making a stink about someone (possibly the new assistant chef himself) leaking his high salary (that we are forced to pay.) Harvey posted his outrage on his fb page and ONE whole person agreed. The POA has become a comedy. It’s all about you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. You vote to spend a fortune on tanking golf and a welfare country club and I’ll vote for to force Diamondhead to pay for youth football injuries. I can’t help but see an image of Nero Fiddling as Rome burns. Their priorities are all wrong. They should be worried about who will pay for their welfare golf and country club when covenants expire and most will vote to stop paying dues for their extravagant “lifestyle” financed with our extorted dues. The kyger klones should have voted for a dues reduction when the city took over many poa expenses. Now too many have learned how the welfare golfers operate. Soon enough (2020) there will be no more dues for them to waste on hiring extra chefs to make their baked Alaska’s and finance their balls and parties.

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