How Smoke Free Do We Have To Be?

What about Outdoor Venues?  Casinos?

If the city adopts a “100% smokefree” ordinance for all workplaces and public places, it becomes eligible for grant money for such infrastructure as sidewalks, bike paths, and trails, according to a presentation at last night’s council meeting.  The councilmen sounded interested if the glitches can be ironed out.  The problem is whether outdoor serving places can be exempted without losing eligibility for the grants.

Concerns mentioned by Mayor Schafer were outdoor seating areas of the 19th Hole, Harbor House, Red Zone, and Natal’s Tobacco Hut, all of which would have to eliminate smoking under the ordinance as proposed.   Another concern voiced by Councilmen Knobloch and Lopez is casino development.  Knobloch pointed out that a casino developer won’t want to do anything with this ordinance in place.

The ordinance was tabled until the next meeting when the presenter, Kim Hart of the Mississippi Tobacco Free Coalition, will provide further answers to the council’s questions.

In other news, October 13 was set for the Ward 2 Special Election.  September 23 is the last day for qualifying, and qualification packets are ready to be picked up from City Hall by any Ward 2 residents who wish to run.

Fair Warning

Police record for August:  217 traffic stops, 10 reckless driving, 80 citations in all, of which 7 were DUIs.  Good to know traffic laws are being enforced, and good reminder not to drink and drive over Labor Day weekend.  Or any other time.

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