Diamondhead Continuing Education Will Close

Craft Fair will end after 31 years

As President of the Diamondhead Continuing Education I am sadden by the decision of the  Board of Directors of Diamondhead.  For over 15 years people in this community came together and started an outstanding school for adults.  The class offered were taught by talented people who most gave their services for free. The present school administer, Janet Roche, has given more hours (totally free) then I can even count. A community like Diamondhead should be proud to have such a person willing to give her time and energy for our town.

When I took on the responsibility as president, I was interested in making the arts and craft show the best around not only for adults but for children.  DSCN2388Over the years I have added our little train,
face painting, bungee jumping, and various art projects for the children.  Most of the vendors come back every year because they love the homey atmosphere and friendliness of our community. I am proud of what my board has done for the past 6 years.  The fair has been around for 31 years and in one vote from our board members who are more concerned with the bottom line instead of the community the school is gone. I will be shutting down the fair for good. I hope this pleases Mr. Montjoy and his cronies.
After Katrina a study was done to see what it would cost to bring the old 19th hole up to standards. The report was at the least it would take $150,000.00. That was 10 years ago and the building is in worse shape now. The board claims they can make offices down there for $48,000.000.  If you believe that, I have a bridge I will sell you cheap!  But then, we the public have no say.  Eleven people speak for us and they do that in secret and then let us know.

Do you know how I was told to vacate the building?  I read it on line and called the manager and was told I would receive a letter in the mail.  Never once were we asked if there were classes being held just told to vacate 60 days from the receipt of the registered letter.  When I talked to our POA president, Mr. Fletcher, he shrugged it off and said in 7 months he would be out of office and it would not be his problem.  Nice, huh!.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported the school and the fair through out the years.. The Board of Directors should hang their heads in shame!!



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  1. Pat, Here is some info from someone who took notes at the Friday Oct. 16 POA Board meeting: [Board Members attending: Crosby, Fletcher, Harvey, Johnson, Kyger, McCulley, Montjoy, Schaefer, Silcio. Absent: Seitz, Weber.]
    “MONTJOY made the motion to move the POA offices, HARVEY seconded, THERE WAS NOT ONE WORD OF DISCUSSION, and it passed 8 – 1. The Treasurer (Schaefer) was the only director who voted no.”

  2. I believe the board is (yet again) being very deceptive as to the reason for this move and what it will actually cost us in dues money to re-do this old building. I firmly believe Kyger and his cronies (not Fletcher) are behind this decision and the poor way these people found out. They signed a brand new lease then bam Kyger and his cronies tell them to vacate. Whether you care about the adult education center or not make no mistake this can’t be blamed on John Fletcher. This reeks of the criminal kyger and hms scheming to control us without giving us a say. As someone posted online HMS is in the business of making HMS (and maybe Purcell) richer they are not looking out for the majority of property owners and our dues. HMS will do whatever to keep us spending too much on the country club because that’s how they make money. We’re an HMS cash cow and the golfers on the board like it that way.

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