In the upcoming Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association’s election of officers and directors there are two criteria that should determine who deserves a member’s vote. 

Those issues are the value of a contract and the right to cast a vote guaranteed by that contract.   This vote is to determine if a member’s  property is to be encumbered forever to an organization with no checks and balances, no accountability, and no concept of common decency.  Without rhetoric or passing it off to an attorney, each candidate should answer this one simple question, a question that  is rudimentary to the very concept of democracy: Will you, as a board member, allow the property owners to vote on extending the covenants?  Yes or no?Election-2016

We look for candidates who will honor their commitment to the community and not behave in the same manner as
board members elected in the previous POA election.  During that time promises were made by a weak and feeble candidate who, once elected, buckled and betrayed those who  voted for him and abandoned an honest and dedicated fellow officer at a critical time. The recollection of  two young candidates who misrepresented their intentions during the same election,  delivering to their exclusive group of friends (members and non members), by way of an admitted conflict of interest transaction, a new amenity funded solely by  property owners dues was also an education in corruption not long forgotten.

We present our endorsements for the upcoming election of officers and directors of the Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association with these lessons well learned.   Our endorsement is done with the   hope that those who receive it will not again deceive the membership.  That they will recognize and eliminate blatant conflicts of interests, conducting the business of the corporation for the mutual benefit of all members. And, in memory of one who can only be called a true champion of the community, they will clarify the powers of the treasurer to conduct independent audits at his sole discretion.


For President: Carl Necaise

For Vice President: Shane Finley

For Treasurer: Kelly Allen

For Secretary: Betty Blakeney

For Directors:  Shane Corr, Dick Nolan, Leland Taylor

It is our hope that these candidate, when elected, respect the rights of all property owners to determine their own destiny and end all conflict of interests that have plagued this organization since its inception.

About the Author

T. R. Alfonso

Editor and Publisher of the the Diamondhead News Online