Former City Manager Would Like a Little Appreciation

Lloyd Ramirez

Dear Editor,

LTTEI would like to thank the POA Board for serving the people of Diamondhead. As one who has been there, I am well aware of the sacrifice of time and effort required of you. It is certainly not easy to try to meet the demands of 8,000 or so people while being constrained by no less than eight various laws, agreements, rules, etc. ,.. spelled out in hundreds of pages of documents, while sometimes being the I target of “rock throwing” by people who, as often as not, do not have their story correct.

I pray that the Lord will someday allow the “side liners” to realize that using their God given talents to actively serve the people of Diamondhead is far more honorable and rewarding than sitting on the side lines and throwing rocks at the people who do.

Do we always agree with POA Boards? Absolutely not. However, on balance, Diamondhead is a great place to live, retire, work, and play precisely BECAUSE of the collective work of the many people who have in the past …and continue today … to care and to serve. While we are not perfect, our Diamondhead Community is way, way ahead of most other places we might live. A heartfelt thanks

May God Bless.

Lloyd Ramirez Past POA Director, Past POA President and Past POA General Manager


Editor’s note:  Mr. Ramirez was also the first city manager of the city of Diamondhead and recommended Richard Rose as his replacement when he resigned.  Rose is now under indictment for perjury pertaining to actions he took as the city’s manager.

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  1. Pat Fuchs | June 3, 2015 at 8:29 am |

    The group that worked to incorporate Diamondhead into a city used as one of their issues the expiring of the covenants starting in 2020.
    I have received several emails from these same people opposing Prop 3 on the grounds that nothing should change until that actually happens. This has certainly confused me, we needed a city to protect us but we should not streamline the Board of Directors.

    Hancock County has five supervisors, the city of Diamondhead has 5 councilmen and a mayor but the POA board needs 11 members to operate.

    The expiration of the covenants starting in 2020 jeopardizes the right of the POA to collect dues and thus their ability to maintain the amenities. Only Glen Eagle has covenants that continue in perpetuity.

    The present board seems to be on a spending spree (football fields, Bocci and Croquet, alfresco dining, football fields, etc., etc.) This seems extremely imprudent in view of what must be dealt with in 2020. It seems to me the more prudent approach would be to maintain the amenities as they are now with no expansion.

    A better use of funds would be an aggressive push to save the covenants. Waiting until 2020 is foolhardy somewhat like being in the path of a Cat 5 hurricane and waiting for landfall to prepare.

    Prop 3 is simply an endeavor to streamline the board and make it more efficient. It is not as some have said, “a well financed plan” to take over the POA and trash the amenities. We are only a small group of people hoping to preserve our community well into the future.

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