Former City Official Gives His Personal Opinion on POA Motions

This is my personal opinion.

While I generally agree with this email, I am scared to death of the people that are sponsoring Proposition 3. Over the years, I read their postings on Diamondhead News Most of them  are members of the Alliance for Better Community. As a whole, they feel that our amenities should be making money which is contrary to the definition of an amenity. From the tone of their postings, it is my opinion that they will cut the expenses of the Country Club, the golf courses, and pools. The purpose is to reduce their dues. (What a terrible evil purpose...)

What we need is a Board that will devote its attention to the consequences of the changes that may be coming in 2020, when the Covenants start to expire. We need a group of dedicated citizens devoted to solving this problem. From what I can tell, the current Board is sitting on their collective hands. If we let the amenities go into a state of disrepair, we’ll be like the Kile (sic).  There is little or no chance that the City will assume control.

If we have seven dedicated people working to solve the 2020 problem, I don’t have a problem with reducing the size of the Board, but if we have the wrong four people, it could be a disaster. We have the people that can do it, but are they willing to run, who knows? Consequently, I feel that reducing the size of the Board, may be a roll of the dice if you currently like what we now have.

Feel free to forward this opinion on to your friends as what we need today are knowledgeable voters.




Norman Parker

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  1. The beautiful community of Diamondhead seems to be having many political problems with the POA Board. As new residents to the community I would like to enter my thoughts on how some of this may be resolved. It seem that one group “Alliance for a better community” has worked very hard to come up with solid documentation from outside organizations that have experienced similar problems and how to correct the situation. The group who do not support Prop.3 seem to just cast insults and mud with no constructive answers to the current problems. We are all adults and we all live in this community and we should act like adults and address the problems at hand instead of dividing the community of Diamondhead. Perhaps June 20th will be the beginning of the healing process.

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