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    We invite all to post their comments and opions in the following motion:

    It is moved that the Diamondhead Property Owners Association Board of Directors be directed by the Membership to change SECTION 4.1 (a) Elections to read as follows:

    SECTION 4.1 (a) Elections. Each candidate shall have the right, along with not more than two (2) designated members in good standing or their attorney, to observe and monitor all phases of the election process. The Secretary shall have the authority to determine if a member is in good standing and qualified to vote either in person or by proxy, and the number of votes such person shall be entitled to vote. The Secretary, with the consent of the Board, shall conduct the election in accordance with election procedures.



    In any non profit corporation I have seen, the membership runs the meeting. In some cases the board is even kept from the room. What happens if the secretary is running? Isn’t she this election?

    This must be one of those infamous Mississippi good old boy ammendments.

    Anyone want to buy some property?



    I read the propositions but before supporting or opposing them I would like to know how the current sections read. What is already in the bylaws may be better or worse. Also who asked for these changes? Was it the board or membership.



    Thank you for your suggestion.

    You inadvertently touched on a subject that may lie at the core of the problem members face with this or any administration – Which version of the bylaws are correct? We have published for some time two of the three know versions here on this website.

    Bylaws circa 1989-


    Bylaws circa 1997-


    As to which one is in effect, your guess is as good as mine.

    We will be adding links to these two important document one page 1.

    Again thank you.



    As you can see I posted my reply this morning before leaving for work. When I got home from work today in my mail was the ballot and propositions. Some propositions explained the current bylaw some did not. Also the letter was dated May 19th and I recieved it on June 3rd. I have noticed this with the newsletter also I sometimes see posts on here referring to the current newsletter that I sometimes don”t see for another week or 2. The newsletter that announced the dues increase was one such instance.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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