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    This forum is open to all who wish to post questions for the candidates running for the POA’s Board of Directors.

    The election for officers and directors will be held at its 2006 membership meeting.

    The meeting is to be held at the Diamondhead Community Center at 5300 Diamondhead Circle, Diamondhead, Mississippi at 9:00am on June 17, 2006. All members in good standing are eligible to vote.

    The membership will elect a president and vice president. The secretary and treasurer are running unopposed. Four directors positions will be filled. Three positions for a four year term and one for an unexpired two year term vacated by director Joe DiGeralamo who resigned will be chosen. The three candidates who receive the most votes from the membership will fill the four year terms and the candidate receiving the fourth largest amount of votes will fill the unexpired term


    wayne king

    I wish each candidate would ansewer the question as to wheather they support the eligibility of non POA fee paying property owners being able to vote in our elections and whether they support proxy voteing of these owners on questions concerning POA management and bussiness.




    Please excuse the delay in replying. We have been experiencing technical difficulty during the last week and have finally rectified the situation.

    As a member I too would like to hear each candidates position on this very essential issue.
    The issue cuts to the core of whether the Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association, Inc. is really a non profit corporation or merely a front for a local developer.

    As a candidate my answer is simple. Once and for all the Purcell Corporations influence and connection with the Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association, Inc. must be severed. No dues no votes. I do not take this stance lightly. I have studied all documentation pertinent to the issue and have received opinions of legal minds across the country. The decision was unanimous. The Purcell Corporation has no right to vote at a membership meeting of the Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association, Inc. since it has no status as a member.

    T. R. Skip Alfonso
    Presidential Candidate
    Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association, Inc.



    I have never met Mr. Alfonso, buy he was kind enough to talk to me via the telephone. I had a lot of questions.

    Mr. Alfonso, has some great ideas for making Diamondhead a better place to live. Ideas that make me want to remain in Diamondhead.

    After talking with Mr. Alfonso and reading the information that he has provided us, I will vote for him.

    Remember, elections are very important!



    I did meet Mr. Alfonso and worked with him at the Fire station directly after the hurricane. He worked tirelessly doing anything he could possibly do for the people of Diamondhead. He’s also very intelligent. I can’t think of anyone who would make a better President of the POA.




    Attempts have been made by the retired candidates seeking the office of president of the POA to make an issue out of their ability to spend all their time as running the POA. It leaves one to wonder their motives in doing so and question just what type of president we would get for this is a recipe for continued and certain disaster.

    Successful businesses do not chain their executives to the home office. Officers and board members of non profit corporations rarely dedicate their entire time to their tenure on such a board.

    Chairmen and presidents of large multi national corporations never devote their entire time to that company. Those corporations encourage their leaders to be diverse and serve on other boards and commissions. Bill Gates, the Chairman of Microsoft, sits on literally hundreds of boards and chairs dozens of foundations besides Microsoft.

    The type of thinking that says that only retirees have the time to run Diamondhead dooms the community to higher dues, less services more law suits and more distrust.

    One only has to look at the track record of retiree POA Presidents over the last ten years. One was a disgraced and ousted Louisiana Sheriff who employed a disgraced and ousted Louisiana hospital administrator as a henchman to sue the members with whom they did not agree. One was a business consultant who has yet to reveal who he consulted. The next was a phony Marine Colonel with a penchant for slapping members smaller than himself and lastly a we have had to suffer with a Mayor without portfolio who ran for Lafayette before Katrina and returned only to make sure he still had his tee time and managed by checkbook. Unfortunately the checkbooks belonged to the membership. All accounted through their tenure members have suffered a 100 per cent dues increase, loss of amenities and services, and basic respect, credibility and trust.

    The Retiree Candidates now offer more of the same. Even higher dues, more talks on incorporation instead of direct action and higher deficits.

    We stand on the brink of annexation. We face challenges never imagined in the wake of Katrina.

    Ignorance of modern business practices and technology will only perpetuate the manage by checkbook mentality that has prevailed over the last twenty years here in Diamondhead. Remaining unaware of the solutions modern technology has to offer will doom the reconstruction efforts of the community and fail to protect it from further disasters.

    Isnt time we elected a President with vision, insight and knowledge instead of memories? Doesnt Diamondhead deserve a more than antiquated business techniques and out of date business practices?

    Diamondhead deserves a POA President that can bring money into the community by correctly marketing our amenities and providing additional monies from outside the property owners. We need to attract more working professionals with disposable incomes to better fund our amenities.

    Diamondhead deserves a POA President that offers fairness, openness and respect to all members.

    Diamondhead deserves a POA President with a deep understanding of technology so it may join the present and provide for the future.

    A balance must be achieved between members and guests, retirees and working families, young and old. Only in this way can we build a true community.

    Thomas R. Skip Alfonso, CISSP, MCSA, MCP, MCT, Net+, A+
    Candidate for DHCC&POA President



    Mr. Alfonso,

    Being retired does not make one a good president of anything. Good grief! What a lame excuse to run for any office. Maybe, they should take up a hobby.

    People in Diamondhead, better wake up and get the facts and VOTE! If you don’t vote, don’t complain!!!

    If we don’t pay attention to what is going on, we may become part of Bay St. Louis.

    I feel that the “old guard” of Diamondhead wants to keep us in the past.
    When you live in the past, you never move forward, all you get are higher dues and a place I do not care to live in.

    You bet we have had crooks running Diamondhead in the past. I love the one where the computer system was a big expense and it needed a baby sitter 24/7 and it cost a lot of money and it was useless.

    I have been in Diamondhead for 6 years, and I have seen the messes made buy some of the POA Boards. It’s enough to make one throw up!

    The POA seems to be a money making machine and we are not allowed to know how the money is spent or wasted.

    The people that get a salary, I want to know how much they make and their benefits. We are paying these people.

    I was so embaressed that a President of the POA would stoop so low as to slap someone. I am tired of Diamondheadm being the laughing joke of the MS Coast.

    We have more than our share of very rude people here in Diamondhead. They need a course in good manners.

    Mr. Alfonso, if I have misstated anything, please correct me.

    You have some excellent ideas on how to get Diamondhead on the right track,
    and we must move forward. Time is running out….



    Please excuse my typos in my last post. It’s late and I am sleepy, but I had to let the good people of Diamondhead know how important this election is. So VOTE!


    wayne king

    Very good comments Summer, something to think about. I think all candidates should declare that they have no allegiances, or what allegiances they do have to Firms, groups, associations, businesses, or any other connection to Diamondhead or its officers, in which they or this Firm, group, association, or business profit or could profit. All these connections are not detrimental to an individual running for office, but they do need to be disclosed. If it is an embarrassment to a candidate or he thinks it may have a negative affect on his campaign maybe he shouldnt run. Voters should at least carefully weigh the information in the casting of their vote. Retaining applicable information from someone to whom it may matter is deceit. I for one do not want deceitful politicians or individuals running Diamondhead.



    I wish more residents in Diamondhead would express their opinions on this site. There are a lot of people that have signed up to use this site. If you do not wish for anyone to know your entire name, just use your first name. You do not have to use your last name or your email address. Go to my settings to make any corrections. Mr. or Mrs. Alfonso, if I am wrong at anytime, please correct me.

    I have only live in Diamondhead 5/6 years and after seeing so much wrong, I think it’s time we do somethings different.

    Please speak up and let your voices be heard. If you want things to get better in Diamondhead, your must express your opinion and remember to vote in this election.

    We have one chance now to make things better in Diamondhead and I think Mr. Alfonso, is the person to get us moving in the right direction. No, I do not know Mr. Alfonso, but he was nice enough to talk to via the phone, and he did not dodge any questions.

    We must look at incorporation and lowering our dues or getting rid of them all together if possible. To many of our retired citizens that live on a fixed income can no longer afford to live in Diamondhead because of the dues.

    We pay dues and we are not allowed to know how much we pay the salaried people, or what benifits they have. I want to know where every penny is spent and why. This should be a concern to all of use.

    Sticking your heads in the sand, will not make things better in Diamondhead. So please vote!!



    Mr. King,

    I agree with you 100%. We cannot afford to have deceitful politicians or
    individuals in charge of Diamondhead.

    Old saying, dancing with the devil is a very dangerous thing.


    wayne king

    Mississippi has passed the ethics bill for state officials, does this apply to ouir officials as well? Are there any plans to establish a standard for ethics for our officers and board?

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