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    🙁 Is there anyway we can stop the 4-wheelers from tearing up Diamondhead. I live in the back of Diamondhead and our property is parallel to the high power lines. We constantly have to call the Sheriff Dept and ask them for help. I’ve called Diamondhead Security several times and have been told that the property underneath the power lines is not Diamondhead’s property and they cannot do anything about it. The 4-wheelers gain access to the power lines through Rotten Bayou Graveyard. They come though there and along the power lines at all hours of the night and day. Don’t I have a right to sleep in my house without being awakened by some redneck that’s usually drunk tearing up the land behind our house? I also have almost got into several fights because once the people get stuck they start yelling and cussing. I’ve asked them to please stop cussing because I have small children who play in the backyard and have to hear them. We also have had people stuck in the middle of the night come up to our backdoor to ask to use the phone. Both people were drunk and when the Sheriffs Dept came the deputy did not even give them a warning. He just told them to leave and come back tomorrow to get there truck.
    What can I do to stop them? Anybody have any ideas? Please help



    Do you know who owns the land that these hooligans are using for their “sport”? If you could find out this information you maybe able to put pressure on them and have them stop this problem.



    I live in the NE and have the same problem they enter on Maili way. HELP



    Find out what power company owns these easments and contact them.



    I have seen them come up D’head Dr. West, heading toward the Twin Lakes, and turning on that dirt path that runs alongside the lake. Isn’t there any way we can stop them from using that????


    The Purcell Company (255-7773, 255-9130) owns the property and leases it to Coast Electric (467-6535). The Purcell Company sent a letter dated August 22, 2005, to the Hancock Sheriff’s Office, giving them authorization to file trespassing charges on their behalf against any trespassing person apprehended on this property in response to complaints from adjoining residents or the Diamondhead Country Club and POA or Diamondhead Security. The letter specifically states in part “For a number of years, residents in Diamondhead have been complaining about the unauthorizaed use of our property by motorcycles, four wheelers, go carts and other all terrain vehicles. Such unauthorized use causes property damage and constitutes a noise nuisance, liability risk, and trespass on our property.” Hope this helps.



    Question; Does this problem still exist?



    I live on Kino St. across from the twin lakes and the answer is YES it still exists. Another problem is the loud music coming from vehicles that use Kino St as a shortcut back toward the Kiln. During the day is bad enough, but to feel my teeth vibrate from the bass music as I lay in bed. It is almost as though everyone BUT the dues paying residents have rights.



    I live on Hamakua ST and it does in the buffer zone

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