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    At the the request of a subscriber we have started a forum to address adequate street lighthing throughout Diamondhead. Anyone with opinions and help in obtaining lighting for dark streets are welcome and are urged to post to this forum.



    I don’t know about you folks that are afraid of the dark, but I (gasp!) PREFER darkness at night!

    I DO NOT like the whole neighborhood to be lit up like a prison yard.

    I DO NOT like to be able to read a newspaper in my bedroom at midnight, by the light shining in from all the streetlights and ‘security lights’.

    What I DO like is to take a nice stroll in the evening, after dark, and during my stroll to look up and see the stars and constellations.

    Years ago, there was a pretty nice view of the stars from my part of DH. Then the ‘streetlight police’ appeared, and put a sodium-vapor light on every second or third electric power pole. Even when I get away from the lighted streets, there is so much scattered light that many of the stars and constellations are ‘washed out’, and not visible. I tell my children about the Milky Way, but we cannot see it except on the very clearest nights, as there is so much light scattered from the streetlights in the area.
    The night sky is no longer black, and not even a dark gray. Particularly on hazy or cloudy nights, it is gradually getting to be a lighter and lighter color. One day we will look up at the sky and not be able to tell whether it is day or night!

    Is this really how we want to live?

    I for one would vote to REMOVE the streetlights!

    Some people argue that “we need lots of streetlights so that the old folks can see to drive at night”. Is this really their reasoning, or are they (the people writing the letters, not the old folks) just afraid of the dark? My mom is 84, and my best friend is 75. One lives in Virginia, the other lives in Stone County, MS. Both of them readily say that they have a hard time seeing well enough at night to drive a car. Their solution is simply to adjust their style of living…. they’re both retired, they have all day to run errands and visit friends. When driving themselves, they schedule things so that they are home by dark.

    Somehow, this seems to make more sense than lighting up every square foot of the world with sodium-vapor lamps!

    That’s my 2-cent’s worth.




    Dear Jim,

    Thank you for your response now I feel compelled to address the lighting problem. You obviously are not elderly and depend on others to “light your way to social events, errands, etc”. By the way, I am 58 years old and have problems navigating around some of these streets at night. I have been a resident of Diamondhead since 1989. I moved here from the busy crime infested streets of New Orleans to seek and enjoy this place. My husband and I were the first on our block so we fully understand what darkness is about. We could not see the hand in front of our face when lights were out. I don’t know exactly where you are located but we do not have street lights on every third light pole around us! It was so dark on our street, we pay for a street light to quide us to our drive path.

    A week ago last Friday, my 80 year old mother was frightned by a possible intruder who had beat on her rear door and would not answer when she called out. When my mom finally turned on the outdoor lighting, the intruder fled on foot. I live around the corner from my mother’s home so I was able to respond to her call within minutes. The security guard suggested that she leave the lights on around her home. He also informed me that Diamondhead needed to light up streets for added security. The Hancock Deputy also advised us that Diamondhead has changed as juvenile crime has become a recent concern to our residents. I can remember leaving my garage door open by accident while out-of-town for a week. Wouldn’t do that now! We have been to the crime prevention meetings at our Country Club recently because of what has been happening here. Ain’t the same place indeed.

    In closing, it is very unfair to expect our elderly citizens to as you put it ” get home before dark if they can’t navigate at night”. My mother is outgoing and would like very much to attend events that are given at night. My mom has been invited to functions that are scheduled in the early evening hours but could not attend because of the dark streets.

    I read emails sent to the editor telling the old folks to get use to change since younger families are living here now. So you must now move on the except the changes also. This place is not the the same so don’t expect it to be. If you like to count stars, better be looking for some dark isolated land because at the rate this place is growing, I doubt very seriously if you will be counting stars here from now on.



    When a city grows crime grows as well and Diamonhead has grown in the past 7 years imagine if it had not what the POA dues would be now$$$Children make up the community as well as old people.I think their does need to be more lights on the street.The middle age people do make this community and yes they have children now lets put our POA dues into action and give these children something to do.Build a skate park , playgrounds, use those baseball fields that had not been used in about 5 years and etc. .Children need things to do as well as older people playing GOLF.Get use to the younger people being here.



    I agree, we are renting a home on Ala Moana St. and there is a street light across from us, but has not been working since we moved here last August. We have recently purchased three lots down the road and plan to build a new home. We would like to have adequate lighting too, because we like to walk in the evenings. As for the comment made by the previous writer “that because Diamondhead has changed, we should just get used to it, because of the younger population,” that is ludicrous! The problem could be outsiders coming in from surrounding areas. The problem could be helped if the POA would use our Dues (which are too high) to get better security or at least more security who are out looking for real criminals rather than ticketing residents who are parked in front of their own homes. We have bought enough property that we will have room to park on our property in the future. Regarding our Dues, we have been informed that the expense of the Country Club has become so high that it is causing the POA to be in the Red and that further increases could be possible. Residents who do not play golf, as we do not, should not have to be burdened with the debt of those who do. If the Country Club can not be self-supporting, it should be sold and dues set up for those using it to support it. This is our opinion and I am sure others have theirs. Thanks for the opportunity to sound-off on here.
    New residents who plan to stay!



    I am a middle age person and I have lived in diamondhead for 9 years now .Dues were only 30.00 now look .You are so right about outsiders.This place was built for the retired people but things have changed.This is a community not the country and their should be more lights. My street is so dark you can not even see the road. The POA says you {me} can call Coast Electic in pay 6.00 a month for a light .What about the 60.00 in dues I pay? When I bought my POA lot I was assured that they would repave my road it will be 1 year in May and my road still has giant pot holes like New Orleans{worse}.My 6 year old has fallin off his bike in had to get stitches.To many hands in the pot I guess!They do not want to do anything ,but have a boat,rv,or leave those bfi cans in front your house and they will give you trouble about that.


    Originally written by ricks on 2004-02-22 1:43 PM

    …Regarding our Dues, we have been informed that the expense of the Country Club has become so high that it is causing the POA to be in the Red and that further increases could be possible. Residents who do not play golf, as we do not, should not have to be burdened with the debt of those who do. If the Country Club can not be self-supporting, it should be sold and dues set up for those using it to support it…. New residents who plan to stay!

    Are you suggesting that the Country Club is only for golfers and should only be financed by golfers?? Surely not. don



    We need street lights on Apua Street. It’s so dark, I’ve already had to run people off construction sites stealing lumber at night. The dark street is an invitation for criminals, but excuse me Apua St. is not on the Golf course so this request will probably go unnoticed.



    Dear Editor,

    Thank you for allowing us to debate lighting problems here. I appreciate the viewpoints presented.



    Thanks for your reply. My intent for this forum was to call attention to the lighting problem in certain areas. It appears that some folks think that us OLD folks need to stay in our homes at night, pay our dues and shut up! Yes, I am 58 years old and proud of it. We welcome new residents of all ages and certainly it is in our best interest to work together for a good community so that all residents can enjoy this wonderful place. No, I am not in favor of lighting up this community like a prison year as one respondent suggested. Just enough lighting to navigate around here without problems.

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