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    Why is it that Diamondhead POA executives will not accept the lighting system that has been purchased and fully paid for by the local EAA Chapter.

    Is it because a certain former board member who is now desperately seeking a POA officer position has his own agenda and has put out the word to his buddies in a position to stonewall, to do so.

    This same former board member was also a member of the same EAA Chapter until they voted against his proposals for a lighting system not needed as much as the one the EAA Chapter selected. Was a member of the Chapter until he decided to drop out and give up the position of responsibility for coordinating airplane rides for kids. If elected, will he also ‘drop out’ if the other officers and board members vote against his agenda?

    Diamond POA is poised to lose the donation of the lighting system being offered by the EAA Chapter along with an additional $6000 – $7000 of unspent funds raised at last year’s Centennial of Flight. Oh yeah, remember who was the chairman of the committee of that effort? Remember who the vice-chairman was?



    Airport lighting is still in limbo.
    This same past member of EAA not only caused them to lose many members by his actions, made almost his entire neigborhood not have anything to do with him, nearly caused the Flight Centennial to be a failure, but left a trail of dislike from the other airports he had dealings with, and also his past place of residence. Now he is VP of DH.


    wayne king

    Before Katrina we had the runway overlain with asphalt, katrina created more damage that has been corrected as I understand it. It must cost a good bit to keep the runway area grass cut. Has anyone worked out a cost per landing and take off at our strip since the cost of the overlay and katrina repairs, includeing the grounds maintainence? I have only seen one plane use the runway but there must be countless others to justify that expense and put off repairs to other eminities. Would like to see some cost per use facts if anyone knows them. Has the lighting issue been resolved?



    ^^^^ what is the issue with the lighting system period? if the system was purchased and paid for, is it just not installed?



    ‘reactorpwr’ pid=’6404′ dateline=’1402596954′ wrote:
    ^^^^ what is the issue with the lighting system period?  if the system was purchased and paid for, is it just not installed?

    After the dust settled from Katrina, the former EAA Treasurer made an attempt to recover the funds or have the lighting system delivered. The vendor replied that the former, then deceased Vice President of the EAA chapter (Codename: Carbondale) told him that he could give the system away to charity. Trouble with that was that Carbondale was killed in an airplane crash before the fact.

    The former Treasurer took the problem to the former EAA member who was then in a position with the POA to do something about it. That former member decided it was not worth the trouble to get involved in another lawsuit to recover the money or to discover to which charity the lighting system was given to. The excess funds from the Centennial of Flight proceeds were delivered to the POA (disposition unknown) and the EAA bank account was closed. The EAA chapter was dissolved by the remaining officers, but was reinstated by a new set of members and officers. The former Treasurer moved out of the area due to the total loss of his home and eventually resigned from the EAA National after joining the chapters in Slidell and St. Elmo. This all occurred about nine years ago, so the facts are a little blurry at this point.

    End of story – the lighting system is history. :@

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