And the POA Election Results are IN!

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    I hope I’m wrong….but I can’t help thinking the present POA Board has already decided who will be the next POA Board members.
    Listen….ballots sent to the accounting firm without a proxy validation that are contrary to the present Boards plan will of course be lost or marked invalid, while those in favor of the Boards chosen replacements will be re-mailed along with a proper proxy – I hope someone will be checking postmarks or will the envelopes already be open? After all, the accounting hired by the present board knows who is paying the bill for their services.
    I’m sure it will be a close election, probably decided by just a few votes, but I just believe the cards are stacked against those who are willing to stand up to the Good Ole Boys running our POA.
    I’ve marked my ballot and looking forward to attending the meeting, but I have a premonition that the results have already been decided.
    Again, I hope I’m wrong.



    The major cause of this turmoil is that contrary to common sense that is used to govern all other corporations, profit or non-profit, the board of directors is allowed to run membership meetings and unbelievably, elections. This is ludicrous! In a properly run non profit corporation, the membership appoints an election committee at the membership meeting. The memberâs election committee chooses the accounting firm, if they desire to even have one. The memberâs election committee makes the rules for the elections and accepts and validates candidates. To do this the membership meeting is called to order and a quorum determined. The election committee members are chosen by the membership. Then the meeting is suspended and the committee is allowed to do its work. After all of the candidates are chosen and given time to campaign the meeting (usually 60 to 90 days) is called back into session, a vote is taken with the election committee supervising.

    Board members and officers have a conflict of interest in any election, whether they are running for reelection or not. They have no standing at a membership meeting other than a member. The President only presides over the meeting, he does not control it and he can be removed from that duty by the membership.



    I too hope you are wrong.

    But the Yarbrough email/eblast of May 31 shows that the Incumbent “leadership” is desperate to find excuses to try to disqualify and/or disparage opposition candidates. Also, the June POA News, with Yarbrough’s excuses and Kyger’s “editorial” shows how OUR POA officials are using OUR POA resources to spread their opinions. These are the guys who messed up the original election materials, had to resort to re-mailing the proxy/ballot info, and insisted on pursuing other recent questionable activities requiring “legal” expertise. THEY are the ones costing us members thousands of dollars in legal fees, but THEY blame any member who dares complain.



    BIG Incumbent IQ’s at Work?
    The Incumbent Treasurer and the Incumbent Board member running for promotion to VP (to replace Yarbrough) are passing around childish “Nyah, Nyah” emails about an opposition candidate being on the Water District board. They seem to have forgotten that their BOSS, KYGER was CHAIRMAN of the DH WATER & SEWER DISTRICT!

    And watch for some crawfishing from Yarbrough re his May 31 e-blast!



    so now it looks like th DPOA has the authority to tell the Sin Herald what they can get involved with in so far as advertising. Read the letter it is a hoot.
    This contrived election may turn out to be not an election at all but only a list of suggestions.
    If by some miracle Fletcher gets in it is going to be quite a scene. GOOD LUCK RED SOCKS


    wayne king

    This is probably the means by which rigged election results have been presented for quite some time. Encompassing many past administrations. Just more validity to the abolishing of the POA , privatizing the the golf and tennis eminities and turning the rest over to the city. 50 years of dufus politics, special interest strangulation and ignoramus management have pretty much established the behavior of the POA and it needs to be put to rest and free the citizens of Diamondhead from this incessant turmoil and abuse.



    Is John Yarbrough not guilty of electioneering?

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