Building Permit Fees

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    Elena Weber

    At last nights meeting the POA Board approved the following motion made by VP Weber

    A motion to suspend all building permit fees, to include New Home construction, all additions, bulkheads and fences, effective Oct 1,2014. The POA will still require a permit for all construction, but at no cost.
    Lot transfer fees and lot consolidation fees will remain the same.



    Suspending building permit fees is a very positive move by the POA.
    And the City has reduced its home building permit fees. Maybe other local entities will also reduce fees to encourage home building/renovation in Diamondhead.

    At the meeting, the President mentioned that Horton Construction is contemplating building 200 new homes in DH and will start with 12. Are these homes all planned for Glen Eagle?

    Also, does the POA “cover” the site behind City Hall where another housing-related development is supposedly being planned? Someone in real estate said that the area behind City Hall is NOT under POA jurisdiction. Where does POA “jurisdiction” end over toward the West?



    What am I missing here? There are a huge number of houses for sale and they are just sitting there. Is this not true?
    Because of that and because of run amuck governance property values have steeply dropped.
    It would seem reasonable to expect that glutting the market with more houses would just make the problem worse.
    While home prices have dropped considerably I doubt that construction cost have dropped. So I do not see how a contractor is going to make a profit when competing in a depressed market.
    But shucks I guess I was never much into high finance



    Such new large scale housing development is often only “viable” because some bank or mortgage company is willing to finance it. (Admiral Isles and Fairway Villas come to mind.) However, maybe there’s a real estate boom on the horizon that only the well-connected can see. In the short run, the POA suspension of permit fees may stimulate some renovation/additions by existing residents and may help encourage a few more newcomers to buy or build in DH. In the long run … (well, you probably remember what Keynes said…)



    I could possibly be wrong, but I don’t think any person that does a bit of research into Diamondhead would be so illiterate as to purchase a home here…the POA and apparently the City both make and break the laws as they desire…example..a trailer sits behind the Fire Dept now..but trailers are not allowed in Diamondhead..they didn’t want us to post political signs in yards, even though the courts said it was fine to do so..some of the city councilmen ran a lady off the mall property for having a petition for people to sign..they were ILLEGAL in doing so.If I could sell my home, I would be gone in a flash.This is a good place to live if one Can tolerate a group of crooked people running the place.


    jay butler

    Hopefully the changes also changes its implementation aspects, and it should be mandatory to all construction firm. Construction safety and standardization of regulation is needed in order to protect workers and possible tenants or clients after completion.

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