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    Property values in Diamondhead will go up if a casino is built at exit 16 due to supply & demand, if for no other reason. I built in Diamondhead because the condo I was renting on the beach in Pass Christian became unaffordable at the beginning of 1993 when the first casinos were in full swing. Supply & demand doubled my rent as well as the selling price of the condos. Riviera Village was a great place to live until two couples who worked at the casinos moved in. The men,pot bellied & in their 40’s at least, wore Speedos to the pool & their tatooed wives or girlfriends were even sleazier.

    The one GOOD thing I thought might come from Katrina was the DEMISE of the CASINOS. They’re ugly, tacky, and excuse the expression “low rent”. We used to go to a buffet every now and then but the “quality” of the clientele at the casinos soon stopped that. If you want to find the trashiest people from Fla. to La. just go to any casino. Unless we can truly have a gated community there’s no way to keep these people out once the casino opens.

    If this sounds snobby it’s only because you probably agree but feel it’s not “politically correct” to say so.



    I agree!



    After Katrina, life in Diamondhead is not as we once knew and loved.
    A favorite saying around here after Katrina (and still holds true today) is “there goes the neighborhood”.
    Ask any long-standing Diamondhead resident, and they will agree. sorry, but that’s how it is.



    Diamondhead was established as a residential community. Not a Casino Community. Not a Police state community. Not a low income housing project community. You would think people would get the message by now. Thank goodness we have a group like PDQ to remind folks on what Diamondhead is all about.

    As for the Katrina Aftermath … I see no relation for a Casino justification. What I see is a need to remind folks what a 25 foot water mark is and to elevate above it. What I see is a need to properly design for velocity zones by elevating, building stronger, and having blowout designs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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