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    The Diamondhead POA recently fought off the rezoning of an area on the South Side of Diamondhead for the construction of a new casino.
    What kind of deception is this by the POA? A recent article found on-line at says:
    “As Silver Slipper Casino approaches the end of another successful year and its second anniversary, Paul Alanis, chairman and CEO of Silver Slipper Gaming, is moving forward with future plans for the Silver Slipper project. Recently, the Diamondhead Property Owners Association and Silver Slipper Casino officials announced an agreement to build a new restaurant at the Diamondhead Yacht Club Marina to replace the one lost in Hurricane Katrina. Silver Slipper officials will design, develop and operate a 3,000-square-foot restaurant, bar and open-air patio deck offering a casual and comfortable dining atmosphere.
    The restaurant, which is expected to open July 4 of next year, will be available to Silver Slipper guests as well as Diamondhead residents and is just part of Silver Slipper Gaming’s future plans. Phase II of the Silver Slipper Project is expected to include a casino expansion, an entertainment facility and a condotel, in addition to other amenities. In the meantime, overnight guests can stay at any one of several area motels or the new Red Rooster B&B Inn, all located within a few minutes from the Slipper.”

    It appears to me that the Diamondhead POA has already decided the issue of a casino on the south side. The POA want the Silver Slipper to build there, not Jacobs Entertainment! Am I the only one who has noticed a link to the Silver Slipper on the Diamondhead POA web site?

    Did you receive notice today that your dues are going up 10 percent? I did. Are you aware that guests of the Silver Slipper are allowed to utilize your amenities in Diamondhead?
    Look on-line at: and you’ll see where it says: “And, the Slipper’s guests can enjoy the many amenities of the Diamondhead Community including golf, tennis, the marina and more.”

    Read it and weep!



    The POA has always been sneaky and underhanded and they never look out for us. (They just keep raising the dues.)

    Changing the subject here, I would like to see the golf carts off the streets before someone gets killed. I was told everything would stay the same if we incorporated.
    i.e. We will maintain the streets. It would be nice to get help from the state, county to pay for the streets upkeep. In a REAL city, you are not allowed to have golf carts on the streets. I wish we could do something about the POA….. I am tired of a few people making all the decisions for all of us.
    Thanks for letting me vent.



    not only can the slipper patrons use our amenities. (this is anyone with a slipper players card) they can play 18 holes for $42 that same 18 holes costs dues paying members $43. i am outraged, and i have been looking into this for several weeks. we need details on this agreement, why it was made and how it affects us as property owners. as far as dues increases….. again, i am outraged. we pay maintenance, insurance, etc on our amenities and all you really need to enjoy our amenities seems to be a silver slipper players card. why was the membership not consulted or at least polled before such an agreement was reached? who signed the agreement? i have so many questions and i am seeking answers.



    One more thing to add to the disappointment since moving here almost eight years ago. I have to say I enjoy my home, but I really thought it was gonna be special living here. It’s disappointing they’re going to allow anyone with a silverslipper card to take advantage of our amenities, but I hate to say this isn’t new. When I take my grandsons swimming at the countryclub (best pool for small ones) I can’t help but notice it is full of people that in no way live here. You can tell by their conversations they openly speak of not living in Diamondhead. I have not had my id checked since Katrina. I think it is just a joke believing living here gives you any benefits….just the luxury of paying dues!



    Hmmmmmmmmm………perhaps their dues raising reasoning of “overestimated revenue and and underestimated expenses” could be partly due to this usage by non-dues paying patrons?

    I completely agree; Why should I pay dues to keep up a pool or grounds keeping when it is used by someone else? I too have noticed beer-swilling. loud talking persons at MY pool that actually just sit (not swimming) and are not checked or charged a dime?

    For the council: Can you truly justify raising my dues when you cannot (or is it “will not”) reserve what we have paid for for our exclusive use? Is that not what we pay our dues for?



    Lets rezone and build the casino. There is no secret about the plans for Diamondhead Casino its all out in the open. Some say to forget about the Pier House, its a done deal. Yes it may be, but as a resident and POA member I would like to know what is in the contract. I think yall gonna be suprised. Sounds like a hidden agenda. Wait and see what you gonna get with the restuarant. POA members should put alot time and energy on this one.



    i can tell you with certainty, no matter how long it takes me, i will find out what is in those contracts. this is an absolute outrage



    Summer, I have been advocating the banning of golf carts on the streets of Diamondhead ever since I moved here. I also had stated that one day someone would be killed riding one and it happened. Night before last (December 18th) I had gone to Rouse’s and on my way back a lady was riding a cart down Diamondhead Drive with two young girls hanging off the back of it. This was with the heavy fog and with the regular speeders that use Diamondhead Drive as a race course! The girls riding on the back were laughing and waving at all that passed, but the Mother or Grandmother was the one who was really not thinking clearly! And yes, you are right! I, too have never seen a city allow them on the streets.



    We need a casino here to get taxes so that we do not have to pay huge amounts of taxes on top of the outrageously assessed POA dues. IF and when a Judge rules for incorporation, I will bet you that the group of people who plan to run Diamondhead as a city will waste money just like the POA does. I am all for incorporation because if we do not get it soon, BSL and/or Waveland will try and get us and then we will really be in bad shape! We need to get rid of some of these 1970’s guys running D’head and get some fresh faces and common sense “Modern Day” people to turn Diamondhead into the “Diamond” it could be. And let me clarify, I am not a young person. I am 57 years old, but I live in the present, not in the past as so many here seem to do!



    Dear Subscriber:

    Let us save you the time, effort, frustration and legal fees it would take to get the documents you seek:
    The lease agreement for the âYacht Clubâ between the Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association, Inc. and the Silver Slipper can be found here:
    with the âMemorandum of Understandingâ mentioned as exhibit here:

    Read paragraph 9 of this "Memorandum" and remember it when you write your check for $80.00 a month.

    You might want to ask the members of the board why it isnât on the POAâs website. You know the one they are paying for with your dues.



    there is also an UNSIGNED lease agreement that i acquired. i have asked our board via email to authenticate it with no response other than an offer for a private meeting instead of an on the record public forum email confirmation. it is a lease agreement.



    sorry my attachment is too large, i will break it down and post it.



    My name is Lisa and I have been working with many people in Diamondhead – I have over 125 address ‘s that go out to PROPERTY OWNERS and these emails are forwarded on to other email distribution lists. I have been on this project for over three years trying to work with the board for Southside recovery – TO NO AVAIL. “tomarle” is working with me on this project because we are in outraged with the boards behavior …..we obtained the Silver Slipper contracts before Thanksgiving. We were very upset with what we saw. Mario Feola will not allow us to see a signed contract. He only forwards on “unsigned” contracts and material. As a non-profit corporation – we are suppose to be allowed to see the signed contract but we are still trying. I have emails – actual emails where the board members that were on my distribution lists have actually used FEAR AND SCARE TACTIC’S to upset property owners with the Jacobs contract. In turn – I spent many lunch hours over at the zoning office obtaining the correct info in commercial zoning. Yes, I am for the re-zoning and the Jacob project. I was a Southsider that lost everything – I mean everything besides the beautiful Southside. I can not believe that this board and past board has ignored and abandoned us as property owners. I worked with another Southsider on this recovery project too- our frustration at their arrogance and disregard was disheartening to say the least. The zoning is pretty easy to understand once you have the straight facts – we as prop. owners want the C3 zoning that Jacobs has applied for. Currently, the commercial zoning already exisiting in Diamondhead and the Southside is C2. That can be very dangerous – because anything can go in tattoo parlor’s, strip joints, pawn shop, etc…..with C3 zoning eliminates THESE TYPES OF BUSINESS’S plus 87 others. C3 is more limiting and is only for business’s that are related to RESORT zoning.ALSO – fear and scare tactics that the board has utilized is in email that was distributed. They said – Jacobs would put TRUCK STOP CASINO’S in the Habour House location or the area by their proposed site. I called the Gaming Commission and reported this activity by our board members plus received the correct information. TRUCK STOP CASINO’S ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. For the recovery of Southside, Diamondhead properties, business’s and Hancock County period, this project will bring millions into this community and county. A third party entity is very necessary for recovery and all. I hope this information helps…..



    One other thing I would like to pass on – if any of you are interested in signing a petition concerning the call for a Special Meeting to be held by the POA let me know. The POA Board has only OPPOSED the re-zoning and Jacobs project for themselves without asking the property owners “How they feel” or “The Pulse” of the this Diamondhead Community. The didn’t ask us about anything – not even the Silver Slipper agreement -. If there are enough names on this petition -for a special meeting – and 10% of the property owners have signed for this meeting then the POA Board is bound to by the covenants to give us that meeting. This meeting is to call for a voting – ballots and all – voting for or aganist the casino and re-zoning. If you are interested contact me, you will need your POA membership number if you want to sign the petition.

    People want the recovery…..there was a marketing survey done by the Jacobs Group- they hired an independent company called Cherry Communications. They called Diamondhead Property Owners at random and asked 2 basic questions are you for the re-zoning or aganist the re-zoning ?They asked 682 Diamondhead voters. They had a file of 1,713 households. 682 were asked this question(s). 483 voters – gave a definitive answer – 334 replied for the re-zoning and 149 replied aganist. That amounts to 69.15% for the re-zoning and 30.85% were aganist it.

    At least the Jacobs group went into the community to determine what the community wants….or feels. Our Board sure didn’t. Remember – the board only Opposed the re-zoning for them not for the property owners. They Jacobs group also held several community meetings to meet with property owners and hear what they had to say Especially Southsiders because this direcly affects them. The Board didn’t do that…….If anyone needs any of the statistics and info concerning the project – revenue, jobs, and tax info it will bring into this county/community let me know. Send me your email address and I will be happy to forward it on. Lisa



    Call your elected officials, they were elected to to represent all of the people not only the POA Board. Is anyone lobbying for the rezoning or gaming in Diamondhead? This is the time to get involved and not only read about whats going on. Good luck

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