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    I just came from voting at the POA and was promptly told that it had been decided that the ballot that I had already completed, needed to be copied to another ballot. The POA decided that voting should not have names on them and that this would make it more private.

    Smooth Move? Is trust an issue with the POA. Well, they did have me sign in including my POA number. Did I miss the advance announcement that the ballot that I completed would not be any good?

    I admit, that I don’t read everything that I get in the mail, so maybe I did miss an announcement. Maybe someone who knows the methods of the POA could tell me if I am being unduly concerned.

    I would like to know what other think!



    If there is no name/POA number on the ballot how will they know if the ballot is from “a member in good standing?”



    So, it is possible for anyone to print blank forms and match the number of people that signed in and elect the those they choose! The ballot form I completed was not numbered to the best of my memory Thanks for the insight. This election should be voided and another one with serially numbered ballots held sometime in the future.




    Just as the POA “polls” closed at 1pm, a disabled person was slowly coming up the walk to vote. POA staff locked the door and refused to let him in because, as the Election Chairman and the General Manager said, “Rules are rules!” So they didn’t let the man vote.

    Many other Members had proxies turned down since these Members didn’t realize proxies had to be turned in “PRIOR” to the start of the meeting, meaning by 8:59am.

    The POA had one of their cronies, an officious “volunteer,” trying to order people around all morning.



    The ‘old guard’ took a well deserved beating at the polls today! Thanks to all that got the vote out!

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