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    Certain aspects of the city council meetings have come under criticism (see: Comments and input are invited.



    Why is the UnElected Interim appointees conducting business anyway ? Their actions are as invalid as those of an illegal alien in the White House. When the new officers get elected, all action by the UnElected Interim appointees need to be recinded in their entirety.



    I certainly hope we will have enough folks qualify so that we can have a FULL change of administration. Honesty and Integrity have gone by the wayside with the present group.



    Lulu29 and Ken: I agree with you both. Don’t know if their actions are the result of ignorance or ego. They should realize the positions they hold are only temporary and they do not have the mandate of the citizens to
    to make the decisions they are making. The seats they hold should be held in trust until honestly ELECTED officials, chosen by a majority vote, assume the elected offices. The way they were placed into office is questionable at best and they have assumed too much authority for temporarily appointed persons. Their actions warrant a complete rejection of their candidacy. A strong message needs to be sent to all officials that the voters ofDiamondhead
    expect good government and insist upon having a voice and input into all matter effecting the quality of live in the community. They need to realize they are expected to serve the people not rule them. The best way to relay this message is in the voter booth.




    I agree with all of you. My concern is this mornings echo says that the appointed mayor is unopposed. That concerns me. They have until March 8. Does anyone know if anyone is going to qualify? We need candidates in every category. What about you Mr Eags? I would support you all the way.



    taylorbd: Thank you Burt for the compliment and offer of support. I am currently involved in a movie production project that may require some extensive travel in the near future. Because of this business venture I would not be available to do the office justice. We need full time officials who are capable, honest, have a good vision for Diamondhead’s future and will serve humbly and with integrity. I am certain others will enter the races and I intend to support the candidates that I feel best fit this profile. Again, thank you for your kind offer.



    FYI: The city of Diberville was incorporated on February 10, 1988 and hired their first police chief 20 years later on October 1, 2008. The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department provided law enforcement for the city for 20 years until their police department was formed. Guess why they waited 20 years to hire a chief and form their own police department? They couldn’t afford to because the business tax base was not substantial enough to pay for a police department. Do we have enough business tax in Diamondhead to support a police department at this time. I think not.



    There is someone currently getting Qualified to run for mayor. It should be out this week.



    Thrilled to hear someone will be running for Mayor! As for needing a Police Department…I agree with you Ronnie…The Sheriff’s Department was and IS doing a commendable job. Speaking of police…I NEVER see any patrol cars cruising the area. When Security was in effect I frequently saw them crusing through the streets. Police presence seems to be at a minimum unless you count sitting at Gitterdon Gas Station. I think what our City Officials saw as a need is more of an I’m in control and need to feed my ego mindset!!! Same with the hiring of the new Police Chief our nonelected officials have friends to take care of. Our tax base is minimal at best.



    If you want to see the police, just look at the traffic circle up front. That’s the only place I’ve seen them. Sitting there talking.



    Major “personnel” change being contemplated? (In “Closed/Executive” session, of course.)

    SPECIAL CALL MEETING OF CITY COUNCIL. City Hall. April 23, 2014; 4:00 p.m.
    a. Discussion and/or possible action regarding PERSONNEL.




    Of course! Shouldn’t be allowed!



    If you have a garage sale on the weekend, chances are you will see them harassing your customers and giving out unwarranted legal advice..Cars still go by here at 60+ mph daily..we need these folks like a hog needs a saddle




    The City Council voted 4-2 to remove current City Manager Richard Rose at this afternoon’s Special Meeting. (April 23, 2014)
    Sislow, voting by phone from Chicago, and Lopez voted NO; the 4 others AYE!
    WLOX and Sea Coast Echo in attendance.
    Very interesting meeting!



    From WLOX TV:

    The Diamondhead City Council has voted to suspend City Manager Richard Rose. The council went into executive session Wednesday before making a decision. The council voted 4 to 2 in favor of the suspension.

    City leaders gave a number of reasons for their decision. A few of them include disorganization, hard time getting along with people, indecisive, didn’t respond to residents in a timely manner.

    Public Works Director Richard Sullivan has been named the acting city manager for Diamondhead.

    By Friday, April 25, Rose must decide whether or not he wants to go through with a public hearing. During that hearing, Rose would have a chance to discuss the matter before residents and the city.

    Rose was suspended with pay. He was not at Wednesday’s meeting. Rose was hired shortly after the city incorporated.

    WLOX News has reached out to Richard Rose, but he was not immediately available for a response.

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