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    Do we know how many candidates have qualified yet for the upcoming City Election?

    I know of a couple that are running that are not incumbent candidates.



    Mr. Frank,

    Please invite the candidates to join in our forum and let us know who you know is running,



    Will do.



    Election! What Election? – Diamondhead First City Election – Want to be a Mayor or Council person? Here’s Your Chance! How to Qualify………More to Come

    The City of Diamondhead will be conducting its first municipal election in 2013. The registered voters within the city limits of Diamondhed will be electing:

    (1) Mayor

    (1) Councilperson at Large,

    (4) Council members representing each of the (4) Wards within the City.

    You do not need to re-register to vote in this election if you are a Hancock County current registered voter and live in the City Limits of Diamondhead you are eligible to vote. You should have received a new voter registration card indicating which Diamondhead Ward your reside in.

    Election Dates:

    May 7, 2013- Primary Election (Republican & Democrat Primary)

    May 21, 2013-Run-off Election (Republican & Democrat Run-off) if needed

    June 4, 2013 -General Election (Winners from political party primaries from above and Independent Candidates)

    How to: Become a candidate for City of Diamondhead Mayor or Council;

    Qualifying Dates: All Candidates

    Opens: January 2, 2013

    Closes: March 8, 2013 – 5 p.m.

    Republican or Democrat Candidates -Must submit:

    1. Statement of Intent qualifying form

    2. Pay the Fee: $10.00 – at City Hall to Clerk/Registrar at time of qualifying

    Independent Candidates: Must qualify by petition as per MS. Code

    1. Statement of Intent – qualifying as an Independent (provided by the clerk)

    2. Certified Petition – containing at least (50) signatures of registered voters of the municipality (City of Diamondhead city limits) or the Ward where the candidate is seeking office.

    Financial Disclosure Filings:

    All candidates must file a Statement of Economic Interest with the Mississippi Ethics Commission within fifteen (15) days of qualifying



    John Fletcher has announced he will run as an independent candidate for mayor.


    ju ju

    Thank you John Fletcher! 🙂



    Anybody but the Mafia Don, but preferably John Fletcher. You Go! John.



    I know that Joe Lopez is Running for Ward 1. Joe was on WLOX last night in Al Showers report. He is a local business owner.



    Joe Lopez or Joe Floyd? I seen Joe Floyd on the news talking about the new city and he is not a fan of the new city. That would make him a good candidate.



    Joe lopez was the other man talking on wlox last Thursday. He owns Cornerstone on Leisure Time Drive. Best cabinet man in Town.



    I hope all seats have many candidates so all the current and future issues of the City of Diamondhead can be fully vetted and discussed in open forums. The appointed incumbents will have a chance respond and justify their actions to all voter concerns. This will provide the new candidates state their positions what they bring to the table, as stake holders in the City of Diamondhead. Such as, budget for next fiscal year, next years proposed millage rate,adjustment if any in any of the new fees imposed e.g. tags, property, building permits, etc. Why are some city contracts not put out for bid, so that our tax money is spent more wisely? What are the insurance premiums on the new City Hall? Sure it was a deal, but can we afford the deal? What about the big picture overhead, up keep 24-7, insurance premiums, electric, water, building security, infrastructure, new phone systems, internet, on and on.

    Let’s operate with transparency so all can make informed decisions on the direction of the city or no city.


    Pat Sheehy

    I thinki it is time to vote out “all” the city officials starting with the city manager. It is hard to find the differnce between Diamondhead and the idiots running our country in Washinton, DC. Just one or two people make all the decisions for the mass and we have no say. TIME FOR A CHANGE!



    Diane Ackerman of councilwoman ward 2 will not be seeking election to that position in upcomming elections citing health reasons.



    I prefer to use the term “appointee” behind the names of the present appointee’s seeking office rather than incumbent. They were never elected to the offices and calling them incumbents suggest they were previously elected and are running for re-election. And we all know they were selected not elected.



    I see Hank Holcomb’s name as a candidate for Ward 1. I think not. If he is too good to hear from us common folk, I think my vote will go elsewhere.

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