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    Elena Weber

    City has the city hall purchase on the Sept 24 agenda at 1pm. Please, if you can, attend. They are ignoring state law in this effort. We need to continue the pressure not to do this. The city could easily take over the POA and Community Center, which we already own and are certainly large enough to house city hall. The POA could move to the old 19th hole at the country club, certainly large enough, for the few people they have left and since they (POA) will no longer exist after 2020. This would save us, the tax payers, a ton of money, starting with $1.6 million, currently in the city budget for city hall (Anybody heard of the church purchase?).

    Let our voices be heard!!!



    City Hall “Request for Proposals” for a MINIMUM of 20,000 sq. ft. will be on the Agenda for the Tuesday, Oct. 1 Council Meeting, 6pm.

    RFP for City Hall space: pages 10-17 of the packet. (WHY do we need 20,000 sq. ft.? Sec. 2.1. Description of Space Need)
    AGENDA & PACKET: (21 pages)



    I was reading the agenda above, and I don’t see why they need 20,000 sq. Ft. Thery’re just trying anything to keep the church, that’s my opinion. And I was reading page 3 on the pool matter on the south side. If I am reading it correctly since it didn’t go into detail, it sounds like to me that a lot owner who has a pool but lost the home, wants or has the pool operational? If that is the case and I owned a lot, paying taxes, paying the stupid POA DUES, and wanted to use my pool, I don’t see where the city or anyone can tell me I can’t. Maybe someone can clarify.


    Elena Weber

    You might also notice they have eliminated any large home (Kapalama) and any wooden structure (POA Bldg) and any thing on the southside (Bldgs next to Giterdone). Only thing left (Church). This isn’t an RFP, its simply reasons to purchase the church. We need a referendum for a vote by the citizen’s.



    In the Minutes from the meeting on 09/17/2013 under the City Manager’s Report it states that 387 requests to update Privilege Licenses were sent out for renewal. Where are 387 businesses in Diamondhead?

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