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    Richard Rose, controversial city manager of the City of Diamondhead was fired last night after offering a "deal" that included a year of salary in return of tapes with city council members. Any comment?



    Interested to see what is on the tapes, sounds like extortion!



    No, it’s the Fire Commission that is committing extortion. Rose is committing blackmail. Ain’t it grand to live in such an upstanding community, I mean city.



    Hello, I am new to the community but highly interested in everything that is occurring.

    May I ask, if anyone knows all of the details on what prompted the termination of the City Manager? Since I moved here in January and keeping up with different actions, it concerns me.

    I am a renter for the time, with possible interest in purchasing, but highly concerned with many things that I have been observing.



    Here’s a link to the WLOX updated report:

    At the meeting yesterday, Councilman Knobloch read a LONG list of issues.







    I wish I was a renter. I am sorry to say I am a homeowner. I would get the — out of here. Don’t buy bere unless it is a last resort. The POA is a dictatorship, the NEW CITY is a joke do I need to go on? Please buy out of DH.



    According to a WLOX News report, Rose was suspended after failing to complete a list of work responsibilities in a prescribed ninety day period. The interviewed councilmen also referred to Rose’s indecisiveness, failure to disclose and his inability to communicate to the people he served in a timely manner. After Rose’s suspension he communicated to the councilmen through his attorney that if he didn’t receive a one year salary settlement, he would release tapes of councilmen.
    I have several questions, first why isn’t Rose being investigated for extortion? if these tapes exist, did all taped parties know they were being taped? If not why isn’t there an investigation as this in itself is a violation if those taped hadn’t been informed. Had Rose’s indiscretions, lack of work ethics, failure to complete job assignments, and other failures been documented to build a case for firing? if there is to be a public forum review of this suspension then surely the tapes should be produced. It appears Rose has stepped beyond a civil boundary and entered into violations of law which calls for an independent investigation. Why isn’t the State Attorney General office being consulted or the case being referred to the Attorney General? If there are no criminal violations then the Attorney General could direct and advise as this is a new city attempting to set roots.



    Maybe the tapes incriminate city council members and they do no want it to be investigated!



    Mr. Rose can play those illegal tapes at the Public Hearing if he wants to do that.
    The 4 voting to remove Rose (Schafer, Knobloch, Lafontiane and Rech) said at the meeting: “Go ahead with the public hearing.” (I was at the meeting and took notes.)

    Voting NO and wanting to KEEP Rose were Lopez and Sislow (by phone from Chicago).

    The 4 voting to remove the City Manager view Rose’s demand for 9 months pay + benefits (or a lump sum equal to that) as EXTORTION.

    It’ seems stupid for Rose to send such a message to the City to be read at a Public meeting. (Rose’s successor as D”Iberville City Manager Michael Janus has coped a guilty plea to fraud and faces up to 10 years in Federal prison, with sentencing next month.)

    And, sources say some of those surreptitious tapes may be from the 2013 Election—nothing to do with Rose, so HOW did he get them from the City safe?
    All this sounds like empty threats. If he has useful tapes, one would assume most of them have to do with the original self-appointed Mayor and Council who HIRED him. Maybe something to do with the Original deal to buy the DH Baptist Church?



    I believe Mississippi has one party consent law to recording conversations. If Rose was a party of the conversation or meeting, he obviously consented to the taping so it was not illegal to tape. What he does with the tapes may be illegal, but not the recording.



    For opinions and comments bring BACK the Pickled Parrot!




    EXTORTION!! We need to hear the tapes!



    QueenMercury is correct. Mississippi, like Louisiana, has a one party consent law. Obviously, the person recording has consented. But he/she must also be a party to the conversation. In other words a person standing with others can not record the conversation of others unless he/she participates in the conversation. In undercover operations we always required our agent to participate in the discussions.

    Stolen tapes would be treated the same as any other item of theft. But to bring a charge of theft the state has to proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, the person intended to permanently deprive the other party of the item. If someone takes your vehicle from your drive way, the person has only committed the crime of unauthorized use of a moveable. Theft of the auto can be established if the person changes the vin number, paints the vehicle, leaves the state, etc. The state most prove the persons intent. All crimes have to be with criminal intent or gross negligence. That is Louisiana law and I am assuming Mississippi is similar or the same.


    Pat Sheehy

    The first term Mayor, Chuck Ingraham and his council were told” before” they hired Rose about his shady past but they would not listen. They said even though he had been fired from several other cities because he was not convicted he was a good candidate for city manager. How stupid can you be! He pulled the same scam on those cities and worked out a deal to avoid arrest. Several of our excisiting council men are the very same ones that hired him. I hope they have finally wised up and will not make any deals!

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