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    I find it kind of funny, that the POA is yelling about fees for building permits, compared to other towns, and they want to charge $4000! or $4500 to combine a lot! If I lived in the Bay, and bought a parcel next to me.. how much would it cost me to do that? Survey,.. plus a couple hunded bucks. Really POA?? Think of the whole picture, and wonder why people are getting really ****ed about living here. You want to get more people to move in? Really? Most people want to move out! Be carefull where you put your words Yarbough…. everything catches up with you. whether you like it or not.



    Who should be collecting the fees, POA or the City. I would think that the city would be collecting building permits fees, etc…


    I agree that it is a bit hypocritical for POA to tell the city to reduce its fees for permits, but not acknowledge its extremely high costs. I attended the council meeting yesterday, and POA told the city they are working to dissolve the consolidation fee and reduce its plan approval costs, and recommended it do the same to its outrageous permit prices or it will economic development within the city. So they are acknowledging the problem, but it remains to be seen if both will take action to find a resolution.



    Thank you blafontaine, for that info.. you are right.. what remains to be seen is our problem here in Diamondhead.. I wish I could have attended the meeting.. I think we need some evening meetings, so more people can attend. My husband and I bought the parcel next to us at a major premium, because we have all windows on that side of the house, and others built on the “other” side and it’s a brick wall. We’ve lived here for 11 years, and have owned the property next to us for 5 or 6 years, and have been paying double dues, which is silly based on an empty lot. If people paid dues, based on the value of their homes, it would make more sense… But truthfully, Diamondhead has never made sense to me. We moved here to help my mother, and aging gradmother.. although I love the community and my friends, I am so dissapointed in the decisions that have been made. I can’t believe how many homes are for sale here, and I wonder if it is the situation in Diamondhead, or the reality of our America.. We were duped into making this a city, and our “officials” named themselves. If they want our respect, they need to earn it. I love where I live, but if they want to be a city, they need to act like one. Fix the fees, and become a partner to homeowners, not the enemy.



    Let’s face it, the POA is just money hungry. I am looking at the same problem. I can buy the lot next door to me, who by the way is owned by Purcell for less then what the POA wants to combined the lots together. A vacant lot is not worth $9500 to me.



    I don’t think anyone desires to live here any longer..I know, if I could sell my home, Diamondhead would be in my rear view mirror.I can state unequivocally, that most of the crooks in Ms and Louisiana live here, and gather 5 days a week at the POA and city hall buildings.
    I am totally disgusted with all of them, straight down to the lowest paid secretary.



    I’m really glad they are acknowledging the problem… now let’s see what happens! Maybe a good question for the Mayoral Debate on May 30th at 6:30 at the CC… Along with questions about the $20 a month fire department fees..



    Not true that no one wants to live here. I truly love it here, we’ve been here for over 25 years. Kind of felt like there was nothing we could do about the POA and just accepted it . I was against incorporation and was shocked and appalled at the actions taken by the unelected “officials”. But I’m still hopeful that all of this can be turned around. Anxious to see what the turnout will be in the runoffs tomorrow!

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