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    We began this project to establish communications with all property owners of Diamondhead, MS. In an effort to expand this concept we are inplementing a new feature.

    It is indeed strange that in the 2003, in an organization such the Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association, Inc., none of the members of the board of directors openly publish their email addresses.

    With this in mind we have supplied all board members with an account and message area in the forum. We invite them and the property owners to participate and communicate directly between themselves. We will notify each board member by mail of this service, it is up to them if they choose to participate.

    Our rules are simple. We require a simple logon and a check of identification by verifiable email. This is a common practice amoung legitamate venues of the same type on the internet. We do this for many reasons, in particular, to identify those who wish to have their opinions heard.

    We will not tolerate any abuse or violations to the policies of this forum. We moderate the forum for abuse and slander. Any individual who abuses this forum will be notified of the abuse and offered a opportunity to explain their actions. If they are accused by another of abuse, they will be offered a chance to face their accuser. If you accuse anyone of misdeeds, unethical or illegal behavior, be prepared to defend those accusation with proof. In other words, be advised; our interpretation of the U. S. Constitution did not end after the reading of the first ammendment.

    We do this with no alterior motives. It is our opinion and our intention for those who govern the property owners to avoid ill will by encouraging open communications with all property owners. This service is at no charge to the Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association, Inc. nor is it sanctioned by its board.

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