Contribution Agreement?

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    The POA is now considering a “Contribution Agreement” and have set a community meeting date on the subject for questions and answers. Pardon my ignorance but what the heck is this “Contribution Agreement” about? Why is the board considering this in lieu of the approaching election and possible change in the board?



    A contribution agreement on what? This could mean a 100 different things.



    An agreement to lease POA amenities to the Jacob group with an option to purchase. The agreement would also lease property below the I-10 for the purpose of a casino and hotel. The legal documents have been prepared without member consultation.



    Hasnât everyone missed something? First they want us (with our dues) to build a $650,000 tennis facility for 50 people and now they want us to sell all of the amenities to a casino? Put it all together people. Who do you think hosted that secret board of directorsâ retreat at the Southern Club a few months back?



    I believe it is obvious but supporters of this board will not believe they’ve been led down this path. The question’s, of what benefit is it to the present board? Will the newly elected board be limited to maintenance for the Jacob Group?



    May 27 POA “Town Hall” meeting in DIRECT CONFLICT with City P&Z PUBLIC HEARING on East Rec!

    At last night’s suddenly-cancelled, no questions allowed “Open” Board meeting, POA Pres. Kyger announced a “Town Hall” meeting at 6pm, May 27 to “discuss” the NEW VERSION of the “Contribution Agreement” that was originally made available to us ordinary Members only yesterday. Kyger and his groupies, including the 4 Incumbents running in the POA election, are already emailing the “New Version” around to promote support at the Town Hall, which is scheduled in direct conflict with the 2nd City Planing & Zoning Public Hearing, May 27 at 6pm, on the POA’s $1+ million East Rec project.

    PUBLIC HEARING: Diamondhead City Hall; May 27, 2014; 5:30 p.m.

    8. Unfinished Business:
    Tabled at April 27, 2014 meeting. Case Number 201400078;
    The DIAMONDHEAD CC and POA represented by MARK BOYD has filed an application to construct a “Swim and Racquet Club-East Recreational Facility” with adjacent parking and associated landscaping…. In accordance with the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance the Planning Commission has to approve this use in a Public Facilities and Recreation zoning district.



    They’re doing that on purpose.



    how can the two meetings be a conflict? The topic being presented by the POA Board has nothing to do with the City or the P&Z topic.
    I can think of no reason why the POA should have to coordinate their meetings with the City. at least until the city adopts an ordinance that requires all public meetings to be permitted and coordinated around city functions. (now suggested it wouldn’t surprise me if that does become an ordinance with a fee)

    Although there some that don’t believe it, the City and the POA are two separate and unrelated entities. The proof is the process the POA is having to follow to obtain zoning approval for a new building.

    BTW, the P&Z meeting starts at 5:30, the POA meeting starts at 6:00. there should be plenty of time for those that wish address their concerns to attend some or all of both meetings.



    Thanks Mikes for clueing us in. Did you figure that all out by yourself?



    The times conflict and with no other large issues at hand, certainly leads one to believe it was well planned.



    The reason they should coordinate their meetings is because the City and POA have serious concerns that every citizen should be able to attend to. I am unable to be at two places at once and I need to be able to attend both and should have that right to do be able to. It is short sightedness on both the city and the POA leadership to think that people would not want to be able to attend both. In-fact; if there is a hidden agenda, it would make sense for them to do what they are doing. They do not want those who really care to be able to go to both. They know that it would be harder for a resistance to coordinate when they do things in parallel. This just supports the notion that both the city and the POA are coordinated in their plans for the people of Diamondhead and they both know that it is not in the best interest of everyone and definitely not the majority. Why else be so secretive and try to make things difficult so the majority is not involved?

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