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    A recent report to the Diamondhead News Online revealed that the Diamondhead POA Board of Directors is in the market for a new security guard service. How do you rate the current service?



    The New SS for the POA or Out by the POA is what I beleive the problem is! I have no problem with security until they are used as lap dogs for the POA.

    Let the men and women do their jobs in a professional way and allow them some dignity and judgement.

    I have a concern. Is the new security guard system a Hitler like strike team? Are the rumors true that the security guards are being used by high ranking POA members to harrass residents? Is it true that security has been sent to individual residents implying that their neighbors are complaining when in fact the neighbor has not complained at all and security is really acting on instrutions of POA members and they are afraid to loose their jobs? Are they writing tickets to specific residents because they are told to do it or else?

    Well, I believe that is why and I have a personal example that I have documented and recorded in which I was told by the supervisor at the POA
    that if the current security didn’t understand the rules of the POA they would find someone who could. At which point I told the POA supervisor, South???something, that I would not be used. I would not withdraw my complaint, and I would testify if necessary on behalf of the officers that were involved.

    Here is the problem. The rule involved the POA sign rules. The real problem= I was told the rules were ammended 9/2003 but the new book had not been printed nor provided to myself or anyone else except the board and that would include security. Yet the rules were in effect. Get real!
    How can anyone follow or invoke an invisible rule. I requested the minutes concerning this change and to date I have received nothing. If I receive anything now I am afraid I would have to even further investigate the validity of the information.

    I have no problem with security. I think they have done a great job, but they are the professionals and they should not have to jump and cringe every time some member in the POA is not getting it their way.

    If there were in fact just a straight forward legitimate set of honest open rules that the guards could follow even handedly, equally and with out interference, I am convinced our current security would be just fine.

    I will not even deal with the issue that some people are concerned because some of the officers are black. That would make me vomit. Since I know that most people like this always hide behind something. Keep hiding.



    It is an interesting observation you make. And I believe it should be discussed. Could it be that you have touched on Diamondhead’s dirty little secret? Through the years, my wife and I have witnessed some of the most blatant, vile and disgusting examples of racism here, in of all places, Mississippi.

    My wife related a story to me when we first met that has never left my mind. My wife owned Diamondhead Day Care back in the 80’s and through ’95. One day, after giving a tour to a young black mother, she was informed by another mother who was not black, that if she allowed “those kind of people to enroll their kids” she would pull her child. My wife would not be intimidated by bigotry and, of course, enrolled the black children. She also took the time to inform the “discerning” mother that her child should be exposed to all people and urged her to reconsider. To no avail the child was subsequently pulled. That mother is the wife of a board member.

    Years later, my wife was talking to another wife of a board member, at their residence, who happened to be a former judge. My wife enquired if he was at home. The board member’s wife said he had called from the golf course and was frustrated because, as she put it, there was a group of “crow birds” in front of him delaying his round of golf.

    On another occasion I was talking to another board member and he emphatically pointed out that Diamondhead was not the place for ni***** and he intended to keep it that way.

    It may be interesting to look in the back of the closets of more than a few “members in good standing”. I wonder if we would find some robes and hoods there. I also wonder if it is the motive for many of the strange and often secret actions of certain groups and individuals.



    It is really sad that some individuals are so callous that they have no compassion for the effects they may have on other peoples lives. I have provided my opinion on why I fee security would find themselves in this situation at this time. If there is a more valid reason provided in the future I may reconsider, but I doubt it. I doubt you will find a list of complaints anywhere. If there are valid longstanding reasons, well I guess I will just eat my hat.

    On the other hand, if I am correct, I cannot help but wonder how the head choppers would feel if it was their heads on the chopping block.

    No one deserves abuse.



    The problem is not the Security Service. The problem is the “Board” letting them do their job. Too much”Building Checking” is going on. There is no positive communication between the D’hd Security and the County Sherrif. The Sherrif takes their sweet time responding to any calls from our security. Security, no matter which company, cannot enter a private residence when called. They must call the Sherrif and wait for them. Sometimes this takes 45 minutes. I’e waited for them after a minor accident. The Board wants “armed guards”? How much liability will we be in when they shoot someone? Many kids driving around have the securioties radio frequency. They know where Security is all the time. They are on the maintenance frequency. Changing the company will not sove a thing. I plan on proposing an increase in the dollar amount of fines and the elimination of the “Warning letter” clause in the by-laws. Warning letters should be up to the discression of the Security committee. The speed limit should also be lowered to 25. Too many cars, kids, walkers,bikers and joggers on the streets now.



    A few months ago, my wife and I were returning home from dinner one evening around 9:30 pm when we were stopped by Vinson Security Officer Chris Cunningham. Officer Cunningham looked a mess, rumpled uniform, rotten teeth, food stains on his shirt, and casually eating a bag of peanuts while he explained he had hit us with his radar unit and that we were speeding. We were supposedly going 38 in a 30 zone, but he did not offer any proof or even give us a ticket. The next day, I called Joe D’Geralimo and asked him what was the protocol for using radar in Diamondhead. He said that they were only allowed to use radar during the day and there must be two Officers present. About three days later, I saw a hispanic officer late at night running radar around the Community Center. I stopped, introduced myself, and asked him what the protocol was for running radar. He got very defensive, told me it was none of my business, and demanded my identification. He went on to say that they had the same power that a Mississippi Highway Patrolman had, and that if I didn’t move along I would be “in a world of trouble”. Even today, every time I see that Officer, he gives me a dirty look as if I did something wrong by simply asking him a question.

    I believe that for approximately $400,000 a year, we deserve professional, competent Security services here in Diamondhead. They should learn that they are here to serve and to protect the residents of Diamondhead, and not use us as a captured audience for target practice. I never understood why we changed services in the first place, as I always saw GCSS as a good service in my 12 years living in Diamondhead. I liked the fact that we used a local service that provided armed Officers, and was dismayed when I found out that we had gone to New Orleans for this new service. How many local people do they employ? What are their requirements for becoming a Security Officer with their company? Based on what I’ve seen so far, all you have to do is apply and you’re hired. As usual, we have many questions but few answers from those we elected to take care of our community.


    Linda King

    If the above message is so, and the security guards are not supposed to use the radar unless 2 officers are present, then the ‘citation’ I got on Wednesday night for supposedly going 40 in a 30 zone is invalid. There was only one security guard in the car.I was told that I would get a letter from the ‘Board’ and have to appear before them for my disiplinary action. I questioned the guards autority to demand my drivers licenes and take it to his vehicle and come back with the ‘citation’ for ‘breaking the rules’. It was 9:30 pm, pitch black dark, I was coming from a book club meeting on Diamondhead East and he was parked on Hilo street. I was the only car on the road and very possibly going faster than 30 miles per hour, my mind on the meeting I’d just left.
    I called the Hancock County sheriff dept. and they told me indeed the POA could use the security officers to do what was done to me, that it was a VERY powerful organization. I replied, ‘well what are they going to do, throw me out of Diamondhead?’, his reply, they could and I have also known them to confiscate property. I think this is appalling for anyone to have this much power. We, the property owners of Diamondhead, are the very reason they exsist. How has this organization come to this kind of power? I wonder what would happen to me had I punched out a POA higher up, like he did a business man trying to do business in Diamondhead?..Maybe we should call this place Nazi Germany. It’s beginning to feel a bit like it.



    Ms King,

    You may be interested in this legal opinion published here: . And please tell your book club we would be glad to create a forum for them. We’d love to hear what is happening in the literary world. Perhaps you would consider posting your upcomming meetings on our calendar?

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