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    Craig Harvey

    Â We have lived in Diamondhead, since 2001. We live two blocks from the DH facility.
    Â NVision Solutions is headquartered in MS, was founded in MS, is owned by Mississippians.
    Â NVision is a Software development company, and Engineering and advanced engineering design company, a Geo-spatial company (we make maps)
    Â Part of our new NAVAIR contract will afford us the opportunity to manufacture some high tech, high value, low volume small electronic test equipment (about the size of a shoe box). NOT an assembly line, work completed in a work cell (office).
    Â NVision has NO minimum wage jobs, we DO have full benefits.
    Â We are not proposing significant changes to the exterior of the Facility.
    Â Our normal work day is between 630 AM to 6PM, people have the flexibility to work their 8 hours within that time period
    Â Occasionally we may have a pressing project deadline that requires us to work late, but that is not routine.
    Â Since our employees don’t all show up at once, minimal traffic impact is expected.
    Â We DO anticipate "lights out" at the facility in the evenings, save a few low impact lights; we will work with neighbors to establish both a safe environment and an obtrusive environment.
    Â We will NOT be reducing or removing the buffer trees along the property line.
    Â We WILL clean the trash from the property, old car, old windows, carpet etc., but do not plan or anticipate any reduction to the tree lines.
    Â We WILL have a sign, diminutive in size, lit until 630 PM with diffuse lighting.
    Â We will not and do not "make noise" we have a professional office environment with engineering capabilities for prototyping.
    Â We don’t use harsh or controlled chemicals.
    Â We don’t create waste water beyond the rest rooms.
    Â We anticipate a highly landscaped and manicured property.
    Â We DO NOT anticipate any semi-truck deliveries; we may have UPS or FedEx occasionally.
    Â Our employees make an AVERAGE of 70K plus benefits such as retirement and health care.
    Â We plan on less that 30 people over the next several years, we will have nearly a hundred employees, but many of these work at Stennis, or even other parts of the country.
    We DO hope to grow over time.

    Regarding the facility: It will NEVER under any circumstance become a school again, It will take over a million dollars to renovate the facility, to meet ADA requirements, etc. It was a failed school, that is why the building is in the shape it is in, we will be putting over a million dollars into the facility. It was a failed location for a church as well. Neither of these institutions have the ongoing revenue to sustain the facility. We believe we are an IDEAL resident for the facility and that we will be ideal neighbors. Again, I am available routinely at the country club, golf course, boat landing, grocery store, hardware store, etc. We are accountable as neighbors and members of the community.

    I will be at the facility Sat the 20th from 2 – 5 for an "open house". To discuss concerns, answer questions, and generally meet the neighborhood. I look forward to discussion in this forum or in person. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

    One final thought as we grow, our new engineers and families will want to be near Diamondhead, buying homes, supporting business, etc. I firmly believe this is not a good, but a great opportunity for Diamondhead, and specifically for the neighborhood.




    I have little issue with the academy becoming some type of engineering/GIS office. I do have an issue with the manufacturing part. I fell like this would be opening Pandora’s box to a full blown manufacturing facility if the company becomes successful in the NAVAIR venture or any other similar ventures.

    What is the plan to make this a “top secret” facility as you stated in the WLOX interview? What design criteria will you be using?

    100 employees will cause a significant amount of traffic for this area regardless of the staggered work hours. What about visitors?


    Michael Schaefer

    Mike Collard and I spent two hours with Craig Harvey this afternoon discussing several issues relative to NVisions operations in Diamondhead.
    First, NVisions WILL NOT OPERATE AS A MANUFACTURING Company as we all know the manufacturing process. They will have highly paid individuals write software for the government. The end product will be classified. Because of the development of classified products, NVision will have extra security provided by NVision. There should be no impact to the local community. I am pleased with NVisions preparations to move to Diamondhead. I still feel the Planning & Zoning Department of our city government needs to inform residents impacted by planned zoning changes in a more timely manner.

    AT; 228-242-0015 OR 228-342-8395


    As a homeowner, I appreciate your interest in the building and think NVision would be beneficial to the City of Diamondhead, the local real estate market, and could assist our city as it slowly grows trying to find new sources of revenue.
    Thank you for trying to establish NVision here.


    Craig Harvey


    NVision is NOT a manufacturing company, atleast not how you are thinking. We do not, will not, have assembly lines, when we build “stuff”, its in a work cell. A work cell is a engineering bench, a desk, and some electronic equipment. I don’t know any other way to tell you this is not a concern. If we are lucky we may build a few hundred of our NAVAIR devices over the next three years, one at a time. its a process that will occure in about 1500 square feet of a 25,000 square foot facility.

    NAVAIR is a project, not a venture. We have lots of projects, most software related. Please look at our Website, which is comprehensive at: http://www.nvisionsolutions.com. Or schedule a visit to our existing facility at the corner of I-10 and 603, we have a working work cell in our current office.

    We have nearly 100 employees now, approx 30 work in corporate HQ. We will not have 100 people working at HQ anytime in the near or foreseeable future. Many of our employees work at Stennis Space Center.

    A classified facility is classified for a reason, suffice it to say that work has been ongoing at NVision for 8 years and is not related to NAVAIR. We will not be having barbed wire fences or armed guards. A portion of our facility will have restricted space, we will have 90% of the space as unclassified space. All visitors to NVision, classified or not register with the the main office, and either get unescorted or escorted badges depending on how often they are in our facility.



    I live three doors down from this facility & I am so glad that you are going to be our new neighbors. Thank you for investing in our community. Best wishes for your continued success & future growth.


    Craig Harvey

    We hope to see you see you Sat, we will be at the facility from 2 -5.



    I know Craig Harvey and Socorro Harvey. I have worked for them and am 100% convinced that their new location in Diamondhead will be an asset to our community. For those of you who are not familiar with their company, their products are award-winning and are recognized Nationally as being state-of-the-art. Thank you, Craig and Lalet for cleaning up the old school and improving the area! Your commitment to the community is greatly appreciated.


    Craig Harvey

    We enjoyed meeting with neighbors today at the facility. We are planning on SUN 2-5 and PERHAPS Mon late afternoon if we feel we need more time to meet with additional neighbors. We appreciate the positive reinforcement everyone provided us today. Again please contact us, or visit us if you have questions or concerns we can help with.



    Welcome aboard NVision. That’s a great use for the old facility and your plans are sound. As a former ONRr, I feel this is a good move for your project.

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