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    On a side note…… I hear that the city manger has decided not to make Al Herman the chief. But rather they are hiring the retired Gulfport Chief. I know Mr. Al has been here a long time knows the people and every street ( not too many know all the streets here, lol) just wanted to thanks Mr. Al For his service here.



    This is a new thread started for the purpose of discussing the Diamondhead City Police


    Hmm, interesting. Please call City Hall to verify and then let us know what they say. I echo your comments about Al.



    This is what I have heard from our current city police. I will not give my source for they are all in fear of losing there job. The CITY MANAGER said he is only keeping 3 of the current officers that he likes. REALLY, THAT IS NOT HIS DECISION TO MAKE. But he is bringing in
    his buddy from GPT that he can control.

    I also have been tol! That each officer is to bring in $50,000 a year in revenue. WOW.


    It will be of some interest to see if all of this is true. Time will now tell the tell.

    Having a revenue target may not be all bad as no one currently stops at stop signs and speeding through our neighborhoods is the norm. Perhaps, a bit of enforcement of our laws might be good. Plus, it might hold our taxes down.



    Who has the most power, Mayor or City Manager.


    We have a city manager type of government where the city council hires a manager to run the city. The city manager answers to the city council. If you have a problem with the manager, you have the right to address the council regarding it, but the manager is responsible for the day to day operation of the city with its various departments. The Mayor is the last person in line. The buck stops with him.



    There is another alternative, dissolve the city: http://www.citynomore.org.



    When a city plans to hire a police chief is it not proper to advertise the job opening and to invite interesting persons to apply for the position? I have noted other municipalities in the area have advertised and accepted application from individuals interested in the job. I recall reading Long Beach, Ms. advertised for a police chief and received over 40 applicants. Many from experienced and qualified law enforcement professionals. A Q&A form was mailed to each applicant to learn their position and opinions on a variety of law enforcement issues. These Q&A’s were evaluated and the number of applicants were reduced to 3. An oral review was conducted with these finalist by the city council. Long Beach and other cities in this area are conducting the peoples business in a professional manner and Diamondhead should follow their lead in filling the position of Diamondhead police chief. The position is too important and critical to the community to inject friendships, politics, etc. into the equation. If the rumors are true and a police chief was hired based upon who you know then I do not think it passes the smell test and the person should be rejected by the city council. I have known Al Herman for many years both professionally and personally and believe he would welcome a procedure formulated to choose the best person for the position. I would expect him to apply and am confident his experience, training, ability and demeanor with the citizens of Diamondhead would be put him at the top of anyone’s list. The citizens of Diamondhead should expect no less from our officials and we should insist on a fair system designed to insure the best person for the job is chosen.


    Can any of us confirm the rumors? If not, lets keep our comments to ourselves. Let’s keep to the facts and not rumors.







    Bob I totally agree with you. There are plenty of qualified he locally. Al, Glen, or even you. This job should have been advertised. I wonder is this how all future business dealings are going to go down here. I CAN SMELL IT FROM HERE.


    A few questions and observations:

    1. As Al was on loan to us from the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, I wonder if he wanted the job. Keep in mind that the city’s retirement plan is different from the one that Hancock County has.

    2. As the city has a lawyer supervising what the council does, I would think that what they did is in accordance with the law.

    3. Where in the world does one advertise for a police chief?

    4. Why do some suspect that the city did anything wrong?



    barber1980: normh is so totally convinced he is correct on everything you confused him when you present the facts.

    normh: 1.) Al was never “on loan” to the Diamondhead. He is and has always been an employee of Hancock County Sheriff’s Office. The City of Diamondhead entered into an Interlock Agreement with HCSO to provide police services to the area. These deputy sheriff’s were commissioned as municipal officers in order to enforce municipal codes and the cost associated with this agreement is reimbursed by the City of Diamondhead. And yes, Al made it very clear he was interested in the chief’s position and made this fact known to the city manager and the mayor.

    2,) No one said the procedure used to select a police chief was unlawful. It is suggested the method was unprofessional, not ethical and did not necessarily produce the most qualified person for the job. It smells highly of politics. Not a very good way to start a local government in my opinion.

    3.) Every hear of the internet, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Fraternal Order of Police, The Wall Street Journal, National Sheriff’s Association, etc. Or perhaps a simple phone call to Long Beach or one of the other local cities could answer the question. Rather a lame excuse for not attempting to find the best and brightest to fill the position. But, apparently, someone did not care enough to send the very best. Brother-in-law deals seem to trump.

    4.) If failing to follow the best procedure in hiring practices in right then I guess the city did no wrong. By the way, can I interest you in buying a really nice bridge over the Bay?



    Here a few ads from the IACP:

    Chief of Police
    New Smyrna Beach
    New Smyrna Beach, FL, United States

    Police Chief
    City of Walnut Creek, CA
    Walnut Creek, California, United States

    Assistant Chief of Police
    City of Rowlett
    Rowlett, TX, United States

    Director, Office of Law Enforcement and Security
    Department of the Interior
    Washington, DC, United States

    Chief of Police
    City of Flandreau
    Flandreau, SD, United States

    Executive Director, Division of Public Safety and Security
    University of Michigan
    Ann Arbor, MI, United States

    Chief of Police
    Town of East Hampton
    East Hampton, CT, United States

    Chief of Police
    Juneau Police Department
    Juneau, AK, United States

    Chief of Police
    City of Bangor, Maine
    Bangor, ME, United States

    Chief of Police
    Borough of Perkasie
    Perkasie, PA, United States

    Chief of Police and District Security
    Miami-Dade County Public Schools
    Miami, FL, United States

    Police Chief
    City of Bainbridge Island, WA
    Bainbridge Island, WA, United States

    Interim Police Chief
    City of Socorro, TX
    Socorro, TX, United States

    Chief of Police
    Town of Basalt, Colorado
    Basalt, CO, United States

    Chief of Police
    City of Jacksonville Beach
    Jacksonville Beach, FL, United States

    Chief of Police
    NYS University Police @ Alfred
    Alfred, NY, United States

    Assistant Chief
    City of Columbus
    Columbus, MS,

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