Diamondhead Property Values

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    Diamondhead Property Values Plummet


    Any comments?



    You better stop, children, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down:

    From Zillow, median listing prices of Diamondhead homes in June of 2009- $179,000; 2010- 168,000; 2011- 179,000; 2012- 149,000; 2013- 149,000; 2014- 149,000.

    Also from Zillow, median listing prices at the end of December, 2014:

    Bay – $129,000; Picayune – 129,900; D’head – 143,900; Gulfport – 144,900; Long Bch – 148,500; Kiln – 165,000; Biloxi – 185,000; Pass – 220,000



    Amazing! Property values in âthat dumpâ the Kiln are over double those in Diamondhead?! See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN_aXMRTXvA



    A hissy for Heather, no doubt, but it’s true. Here are December median prices from 2009 to today, according to Zillow:

    2009 Dhd – 159,000 Kiln – 225,000

    2010 Dhd – 157,000 Kiln – 179,000

    2011 Dhd – 159,000 Kiln – 189,000

    2012 Dhd – 147,000 Kiln – 164,000

    2013 Dhd – 149,000 Kiln – 160,000

    2014 Dhd – 143,900 Kiln – 165,000



    The entire crew of Kygerites and Incorporators have succeeded in nothing except running Diamondhead onto the rocks.

    Wake up, passengers. Take back the ship.



    PURCELL DEFAULT = further decreases in DH property values:

    This month’s Purcell default on its major “indebtedness” to Peoples Bank and/or potential bankruptcy will cause a further serious negative impact on property values. Future-Shock?: In the near future, the POA seems likely to “need” more and more of our dues money to pay off HMS, maintain and “improve” existing major money-losing “amenities,” and build new “amenities” (with unknown future maintenance costs) in the swamp on land that has debatable ownership.

    In addition to the over 600 (acccording to a “company” source) Purcell properties involved in the Feb. 4 DEFAULT notices in the Sea Coast Echo, there were 2 homes in Diamondhead being foreclosed upon in that same Feb. 4 edition of the Echo: one at 95507 Diamondhead Drive West (Dignam) and one at 6826 Aupuni Place (Gonsoulin). Something is rotten here in DH Paradise, starting with the out-of-control POA and the POA-created “mini-me” City, which learned some bad habits (secrecy, arrogance, pandering to the “elite, unneeded spending, etc.) from its POA origins. According to a very knowledgeable local realtor: “….we have been slower than the Bay or Gulfport …. and I think it is due to CITY, POA and all of KYGER’S doings.”

    Cut off the snake’s head; Remove KK (& Klones):




    kygerites, bullies in control of the poa and incorporators–they are one in the same.

    No matter what misinformation and complete bull sh**it Lloyd Ramirez wrote in his loooong letter in the sea coast echo; the major pro-incorporation people were the "leaders" of the poa. The people who control the poa, the kygerites and the pro-incorporation types are all dh golfers living in the past. They’re willing to fight and even ruin this city and our property values all for a cheap country club and a cheap round of golf. Nobody wants to move to a city known for a corrupt self-serving poa and extortion of high dues for nothing. Watch as property values continue to drop and people move to Kiln to get a taste of freedom.

    I don’t even buy this recent "for the kids" stuff the poa is trying to sell in building stuff at tennis world and ball fields. Bull sh*ite attempt to make them look fair. If things were fair Mark Boyd and Kyger wouldn’t insist on all these no bid contracts. If things were fair more would be disclosed about covenant expiration and the strong poa push to use lawyers our dues pay for to extend the covenants to collect higher and higher dues forever. If things were fair any and all connections of Eli Biggers, Purcell, Kyger, Lake Arrowhead and HMS golf of Atlanta would be out in the open and published in the poa newspaper.



    I believe you hit the nail on the head,V..it seems that people are just now beginning to wake upand smell the coffee.I have been fighting the POA and this low life Jerry Dubuisson “Fire Dept.” for years.they get paid by the County, now by the City too and all their equipment is bought with our tax money via USDA..look at the right rear of any of their vehicles.
    Time for us to take the fight to them in earnest,people, regardless…the new signs are in..contact Ms Simons , or me if you want to display one.



    I’ve been saying this for quite a while now. Lower prices and people running away. We are an over taxed joke. Only it’s not a joke anymore. Maybe you did not want to believe it or you knew it and stuck your head in the sand. Get rid of dues now. It’s not funny and it’s not a worthwhile game to play. It’s costing all of us. Get rid of the dues. People know they exist as another tax. Get rid of dues. They are not preserving a way of life, they are destroying it.



    Of course Diamondhead has the lowest property values and consistent continuing down trend of all surrounding areas. The city was based on poa lies. The poa even lies about thier involvement in incorporation. People flee and buyers stay away due to the years of poa corruption and exorbitant dues and fees. Still the POA hasn’t changed their secretive dealings using our money to fund studies like the kyger covenant renewal study. Still the poa awards no bid contracts to their friends. Word has gotten out that we have on our present board of directors a man convicted of assaulting a 70 year old woman, a man who said “he might have popped her in the nose too” and another man who skimmed from us while he was POA General manager. I just hope real estate people aren’t lying to potential home buyers about the poa corruption, about the golf operation forever losing a fortune and about the covenant expiration date.



    The City-Data.com website says that in 2009 the mean price of all housing units in Diamondhead was $218,462 and mean price of detached houses was $226,276.

    The Realtor.com website says that today the average (same as “mean”) home price in Diamondhead is $87,663. It also says the average home price in Mississippi is $195,144.



    Oops, don’t know how that emoticon got in there. Need more coffee.



    Sad but very true Irish and pdutton. Source:


    realtor.com is the official website of the National Association of Realtors & has the most up-to-date real estate listings including 800 regional MLSs.



    If Harvey said that, he is low life scum too, same deep pit as Kyger..their day is approaching fast..watch out for Karma, she is a BITCH!!!



    Ok, this is SO BAD I can hardly believe it, but the 2009 average home prices for cities and towns in our area (from city-data.com) and today’s averages (from Realtor.com) work out to the following percentages of increase or decrease in home prices. I’ve put the figures below the percentages if you want to check.

    Biloxi—————87% increase in home prices since 2009
    Kiln—————–50% increase
    Gulfport————21% increase
    Picayune———–11% increase
    Long Beach———6% increase
    Ocean Springs——2% decrease
    Pass Christian——26% decrease
    Waveland———–37% decrease
    Bay St. Louis——-48% decrease
    Diamondhead——-60% decrease in home prices since 2009

    Here are the average home price figures:
    Long Beach——–165,003————————–174,179
    Ocean Springs—–197,742————————–193,149
    Pass Christian——298,508————————–197,790
    Bay St. Louis——-200,422————————–104,394

    *This number is so low that I thought it was a mistake, but hancockmsmyhome.com lists the average home price in D’head in 2013 as $132,000. Given the godawful press for Diamondhead’s governmental shenanigans ever since, $87,608 looks perfectly accurate.

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