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    POA President Kraemer, told the Sun Herald this. Personally I think the majority of the people, including myself, would like to stay a quite little residential community. We are 8,000 strong. We may not be able to stay a quiet residential much longer. If we do have to be a city, we want to be the city of Diamondhead, not a part of another city. 6-25-06 Sun Herald – section A page 3 for more about Diamondhead.

    I would like to know how many of you want to incorporate Diamondhead?
    I would.

    We have good schools and sheriff’s department and one street that our taxes
    pay for. Don’t you think we deserve more than that? Diamondhead is a
    large tax base.



    Yes, I do want to incorporate…as far as paying for mayor,etc., aren’t we already paying for everything now???without getting to know who gets how much or having any say? Also, if the casino is inevitable, we’ll get any fallout ie:traffic,possibly increased crime, the unknowns(good or bad), so may as well get the known beneficial parts.


    E J Burns

    Incorporate now, carefully and judiciously, and control our own destiny…do nothing and others will dictate Diamondhead’s future.



    Hmm, seems like I have read this someplace before. By way of the POA election it seems that there is little interest in incorporation.


    wayne king

    Wheather to incorporate or not is a subject that property owners in diamondhead must face. Paying a mayor ect. is not a requirement of incorperation, I’m not sure we even need a president, vice president, and seceretary in elected office now. The Board is elected, from among themselves they can select a President, speakers chair, or whatever title they wish to bestow upon whoever it is see’s to such things as agenda, coordination and routeing of correspondence ect. This person may have whatever staff is needed to accomplish the workload. They hire an overall administrator to run our community according to their policy, much as it is now being done. Law enforcement can also continue much as it is now. We certiannly do not need to replicate the network of bureaucacy seen in other small communities in this area. I don’t know why a community coulden’t contract with the Sheriffs dept for lawenforcement services, In essence thats what we do now, our officers, for the most part, are X or part time Sheriffs dept officers. We need to get our thinking caps into the 21st. century, not leave them in the dust bowl, depression days when civic positions were looked at with a bread and butter attitude and with one you were set for life. Set for life politics is not what we need in diamondhead, politicans like fish begin to smell after 2 terms. If we do anything here lets try and not replicate observable problems seen in other cities, towns or whatever you wish to call them.



    This is a copy of a post I made on another thread but it applies to this discussion.

    “I have the same concerns as you about BSL and Waveland wanting to annex Diamondhead to increase their tax base. I lived in Diamondhead previously for eight years and moved away for ten years. We have been back for two years and I now think it will prove to be the worst mistake I have ever made to move back. After all these years I am still hearing the same arguments against incorporating from the same people who lived here when I previously lived here.

    Since the storm I believe Diamondhead has changed for the worse. There is no control over violations. Cars and trucks with loud exhausts are racing on our roads all hours of the day and night with boom boxes blaring. I am hearing from more people about vandalism. No one seems to care about what is going on.

    If we don’t incorporate and get some control over our community I fear it will only get worse. If I don’t see some movement in that direction in the very near future I will definately move. Some of my friends have already moved and more are considering it.”

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