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    Got an email today talking of $15k going to replace the kiddie playground equipment at East Rec. This equipment is less than 8 years old and was built to last. I do not understand the need to NOT expand rather replace is still very viable playground equipment. I have to wonder if this has anything to do with our new mayor. You see, Tommy was once a seller and installer of such equipment and that is where he got all of his “Gov’t experience.”

    Pass Christian Local Business Directory > Playground Equipment > Schafer Equipment & Construction

    Tommy ran and got many votes on the premise that he would make improvements at East Rec for our local youth. The REST of that campaign promise was that he would work to improve the facilities for TEAM SPORTS, most notably Football and Soccer. Instead, his POA and now City have put thousands into baseball which already had more than adequate fields. And now Tommy’s old vendor, Kaboom is coming back in for more equipment.

    I am not at all opposed to the very youngest of our kids having a great place to play, but when I KNOW what is there is in good shape and we are NOT adding to but replacing when it is NOT necessary, I have to wonder why is that. All four of my kids enjoyed playing at East Rec on the gym equipment that was there even before we got the new stuff which is now supposed to be too old and outdated. I have to wonder, is Tommy up to something.



    Yeah I don’t understand this either. They should make some minor repairs on the existing equipment and build a new playground on the west side of town. Maybe at the old tennis world site where there is suppose to be new youth fields being built. What a waste!



    A person told me the plan is to tear down the existing and move that equipment to North Rec. then build at East Rc the new Kaboom. While that in itself sounds weird, take notice also that public playground equipment is extremely difficult to get re-certified after being disassembled, moved, and reassembled. Most often times, the equipment is left where is and new equipment is put up elsewhere. Mayor S. knows this since he made a living selling and installing some of the same stuff. Now it is POA and not City but you would think he would offer his knowledge to his friends over there.



    "Made a living"? Not by what I’ve heard. The breadwinner in the family is Mrs. S. Tommy-boy ain’t held a job in his life.



    I just love the fact that all the residents here in DH that pay their dues to POA have absolutely no voting rights on what the POA pays out.



    Just finding out about this mess. Why don’t they just get a couple bottle of Booze and drink them instead ?

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