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    Any comments concerning POA President’s presentation to the Diamondhead Democratic Club on January 13, 2009?



    GREAT! So if I wasn’t already teed off about Silver Slipper getting the use of our ‘paid for’ amenties, this article would finish it. Is this some kind of ploy to get support for incorporation? Really liked the scenario at the end of his spill…..feeling more warm and fuzzy every day.



    After the election, he found that the POA was in the red by a substantial amount. The various entities of the POA varied financially in their income/loss (including Administration). Some made money, while others did not. At the time he took over as president, they were $1.4 million dollars in the red. The 13 Departments seemed to be spending without oversight. The Country Club was a big money loser.

    After the election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why was he not aware the POA was in the red prior to the last election?
    He was a member of the previous board.



    This guy had to be in sales. Are you buying it? 🙂



    Below are photos I have taken which might help shed some light on what is going on in South Diamondhead these days and what the Riverview subdivision, which was touted as progressing faster than the South Side, has to offer. I know there will be replies from a few who will reject what these photos represent and will launch into personal attacks and misstatements to try to muddy the water. But sometimes pictures really do speak a 1000 words and it is difficult to deny what one actually sees.

    I think I have a good understanding of the problems which afflicted the south side after Katrina. My wife and I received our FEMA trailer in the latter part of December, 2005. Water, sewage & electric services were reconnected to Kanoa Way the same week we received the trailer. I must say, Coast Electric and Diamondhead Water and Sewer District were extremely helpful in rushing in these services so we could receive delivery of the trailer. We lived in the trailer until we moved into our current home in north Diamondhead in April 2006.

    I understood the POA’s initial decision to use the resources available to them to get the north side up and running because that is where the people still had homes and needed the most help. This is where recovery made the most sense. It is my opinion that the POA Board did an overall excellent job after Katrina. For whatever reason, after the election of the Kraemer Board, it seems that there was a lack of concern in helping the south side recover. I think even Lisa would confirm this.

    I would like to thank the current POA board for enforcing the covenants for all of Diamondhead and particularly the South Side and the outstanding effort the vast majority of my neighbors have put forth in cleaning up their properties. The POA property and a large portion of the private property looks great (pictures don’t lie); now if we could only have the Purcell Company act as “good neighbors” and clean up the mess on their own property.

    My name was dropped from the RBS list. I guess because I actively opposed re-zoning to the group so I don’t get to see much of the correspondence that now goes back and forth. But it is my impression that some individuals have resorted to personal attacks and innuendos because they are having a hard time justifying their case for re-zoning. As an example, I refer to Lisa’s e-mail of Jan. 25 “Feola’s Presentation to DDC.”

    I still have the same question:

    “Again, I request someone to please answer how the re-zoning of residential property on Airport Drive is going to increase our property values and make Diamondhead a more desirable place to live. What are your FACTS with respect to supporting the re-zoning? “


    Subject: Rebuilding South Diamondhead

    Subject: South Side Clean Up

    Subject: Riverview


    wayne king

    Your pictuers do show a lot of very ambitious progress and I complement those who have undertaken the task and expenses of rebuilding and in such elaborate manners. However your assesment of the current board in enforceing covenents diamondhead wide is only partially true, I thought sure you would have shown pic’s of some of the trailers, boats, tractors,autos, and other debris just stowed in around residences along the Taxi way. But thats cras of me, Im sure that was not your intent was it. Many of these would have recieved a “LETTER of VIOLATION” in short order on the north side. Please, a few more pic’s and as RON HARVEY would say that is the rest of the story.



    wayne,you must’ve been thinking bout ron paul and paul harvey…..least i’m not the only one with mad cow attacks…haha.(just pickin on ya)


    wayne king

    Thanks for the correction, this mad cow stuff is just like getting old, its rough.



    It must have taken some time and effort to take your pictures and do everything to be able to send them to everyone but you missed a lot more. How many houses were on the south side before Katrina? I have heard anywhere from 275 to 350. We need to see the more than 200 pictures of the vacant slabs. Pictures of lots where people do not want to return or for one reason or another cannot return. If we were able to talk to all of the ‘missing’ its likely that the majority would jump at the chance to rid themselves of the monthly bills they must pay for their empty lot. How many do not want to return to a place where they lost so much or are at an age where it becomes impractical to start over. Most of these lots will still be unoccupied 10 years from now.
    I have a number of friends who oppose the rezoning (by far the majority support it). We can discuss the pros and cons of such a project rationally and still be friends at the end of the discussion. This is not the norm with a number of those who spoke at the zoning commission meeting.
    For me it started with some very mean spirited emails. The meeting at the country club ‘where Jacob’s made their presentation’ proved to me that I had mad ethe right decision. How a small number of people were able to get away with such antics amazed me. I arrived at the meeting room fairly early to put my name on the list to speak to the commission – the sheet was missing. When it did appear there was already enough names on it that I did not bother. The meeting was primarily for Jacob’s to present their plans to the commission.(They did not do a very good job of it) The chairman announced that he would take comments from the floor and because of the number who wanted to speak he would limit the time to 3 minutes. This is where the complete hijacking of the meeting took place, The chairman lost control of the procedures because he could not shut down the presenters after their 3 minutes. The majority of a standing room only crowd left because of the time taken at the microphone and the repetitive nature of those who spoke. No one was to speak who hadn’t signed the sheet and I wondered how a woman who was stranded by the weather could have signed her name and then asked Nicole’s husband to speak for her. Another example of the complete disregard of the rules by a few. I think everyone knows about what happened in the 19th hole bar after the meeting. Maybe there are some who shouldn’t be allowed in the bar? This type of behavior should have been an embarrasment to everyone who had a legitmate reason to oppose this casino development. Obviously it did not because at the next session of the zoning commission ‘where no one other than the presenters were to speak’ an individual from the floor disregarded the instructions and spoke up anyway.
    The Diamondhead POA board of directors passed a motion opposing the rezoning attempt. As individuals that is completely within their rights and as long as the board didn’t try to pass this off as an official position of all of DH it would be okay. NO attempt to canvas our residents was made before this motion was passed and therefore it cannot be construed as Diamondhead’s official position. An unofficial survey taken prior to the zoning meeting showed the residents were largely in favor of a casino development and this was presented at the zoning commission meeting. Its time that our POA board actually listened to what the majority wants and act accordingly.
    It wasn’t the action of one person that got me involved in this issue. It was the continual disregard for regulations by several and the reprehensible behavior of a few made this decison easy. Also it looks like incorporation is going to happen and the income derived from such a venture will be sorely needed by the City of Diamondhead.

    Bill Nutting

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