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    After being out of the house for several hours, when I return my house smells like a sewer. My house is only 5 years old. Is anyone else experiencing this condition? After 30 to 60 minutes the foul odor subsides. Can someone help with this situation?



    Some air conditioning condensate water drains are plumbed into sewwer drain piping in your house. This is ok to do as long as a p- trap is installed to hold water to hold back any sewer gasses.



    Can anyone explain why when there is a heavy rain there is raw sewage coming out of sewwer manhole cover at end of apua street? It looks like poa has put a asphault diverter to send into county drainage ditch. They also throw down chlorine tablets. Are these the new city officials we want put into Diamondhead city office?


    wayne king

    Somewhere along the sewer line, when it rains a manhole or a residential cleanout does not have a cap on it or is in a low, water collection area and rainwater enters the line filling it to overcapacity and backing it up, causeing the overflow in a low section of the line. The line could have been just stopped up also by someone throwing something in a manhole or it being washed in. The Water and sewer Dept. probably knows exactly what and where the problem is if they have encountered the problem previously. Call them and ask if they plan to correct the situation, then keep following up.



    It also happens on Ala Moana Street, just off of Kapalama.

    In our case, I know the problem is caused by recent activities at the North end of the RV & Boat storage parking. After Katrina for some ungodly reason the POA maintenance Dept. has taken upon itself to make the area just behind my property (on Ala Moana Street) a dumping ground for sand, clay, tree debris, and God only knows what else!! They bring it in and dump it into piles that are at least 20 feet high. To make things worse, they do this all day long, sometimes from daylight until dark. For a while it was only once or twice a week, and usually not on Saturday or Sunday. Last weekend it was even done on Sunday (all day). Trying to sleep in on weekends has become impossible. When we have heavy rains like the ones recently and several others in the past two years, the piles of dirt, sand and debris block the natural flow of the rain runoff.

    The normal drainage has been altered and now most of the water drains over my property in two to three places. Before the dumping of the debris, only normal amounts of water would drain onto my property. On two recent rains one of the culverts in the RV park near the gate had not been cleaned and instead of the water going into the ditch running parallel to the road, it came across my property, flooding the entire back and side of my property. The water got so high that it washed a large dog house all the way around my house and only the fence stopped it from going further. The water rushing over the back yard (where I had worked planting a large garden the week before) washed most of the plants and seeds away. I took it upon myself to clean the culvert in the RV park before the next rain. I know that it is just a matter of time before the problem results in water getting into my home.

    Before Katrina, I never had a problem with this much water and because I was told by my mortgage company I did not need flood insurance, I did not get any. We had no flooding from Katrina, but after the first time my yard was flooded by the debris in the RV park, I purchased flood insurance. I hope I never have to file for flood damages because of the problem behind me. As for the odor mentioned by the other writer (PITTERPATTER), I know it has to be because of the huge amount of water that is going into the drainage systems such as on Ala Moana Street from the POA RV Park and "dumping ground".

    There have been several homes at the lower end of Ala Moana that have had flood damages from the run-off, and others who have barely missed flooding, although their entire yards have been under water. It seems that with all the vacant land in the areas on the side next to the sewage treatment plant, the POA could put the sand, dirt, and debris there instead of in a heavily populated neighborhood as ours. Oh, and one other thing, the sewer and water district came out to repair a leak on our road, at least 4 months ago. After tearing up the road, they dumped gravel over it and never came back to repair the road. The spot is in a very sharp curve in the road and because of a vacant, overgrown lot and the "bump" in the road, there have been many "near misses" accidents as cars from both directions approaching the curve swerve to miss each other.



    In my previous reply I mentioned the road being torn up for 4 months by the water and sewer department and how I thought it was going to cause an accident. Well, it has happened. Last Tuesday morning, April 22, 2008 around 1:30 am someone lost control of their vehicle missed the curve and ran over my driveway, went airborne into the ditch and damaged my property, tearing up some landscaping blocks around a flower bed. I was not aware of it happening as I was sleeping and did not here anything. The damage was discovered later on my way to work. I guess it could have been much worse, had they missed the ditch and hit an oak tree in my yard!

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