Foul Odor

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    wayne king

    Has anyone else experienced the following condition? When I am away from my house for several hours and return I encounter a very foul odor. My house smells like a sewer. After being home for about 30 to 60 minutes the odor subsides. Can anyone please help me with this problem?



    Follow up on Foul Odor. We have this problem in our shower drain . I’ve used bleach,which helps iliminate the odor for a while and it’s right back.



    We have used bleach also. I was told to pour a lot of water down the drain pipe next to the air conditioner part that is in the house. This worked for about a few months but now that does not alleviate the problem anymore. I was also told that this odor is caused by the lack of rain but we lived in this house for 3.5 years before encountering this problem. I wish someone would let me know a solution.


    wayne king

    Odors comeing into the home from the sewer system are usually indicative of faulty installation of vent pipes for the drain lines of your sewer. This problem is usually found around a lavatory or mop sink and its drain being connected to the vent of a toilet, bathtub or shower.

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