Golf Course Deficits

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    Many questions concerning the operations of the golf courses and country club have arisen over the last four years. Please post your questions and comments about these operations in this forum.


    wayne king

    The old parable entitled “The emperors new clothes” pretty much parallels the golf and country club deficits and those who enable it to continue.


    wayne king

    Itâs been a couple of weeks since Mr. Alfonso asked the readers to comment on the operations of the Golf and Country Club operations here in Diamondhead. Besides my vicious comment at the cultural acceptance that has allowed the cost of these two amenities to threaten the financial solvency and future needed improvements to our community there have been no other comments.

    I was hoping that someone had input that would lead to a positive look at financial responsibility and some needed cost control monitoring along with increased income possibilities. The deficit budgets need to be rectified in order to enable our community to provide improvements that are needed to match our changing demographics, replace ageing infrastructure and to correct problems of past design insufficiencies.

    We could use many things that make a community safer and more useful to its citizens. Things like sidewalks, street lighting, school bus stops and improved drainage in some areas are just a few of the things that would make life in Diamondhead safer and more attractive and not have enormous maintenance cost.

    Instead of paying for the litigation to get someone to remove a boat from their driveway, it would be much better to spend that money to require someone to clean up their vacant property and allow their neighbors some respite from the eyesore and avoid increased populations of vermin.

    New golf cart paths are not as important as installing proper drainage structures to avoid some family from having to suffer because of poor drainage due to past insufficiencies of developer design, poor design review, contractor incompetence and cheapness or the lack of qualified inspection during construction.

    New putting greens are nice but not as needed as a side walk and street lights for someone wanting to go for a walk and not have to sidestep and dodge traffic in order to keep from getting run over in the street or in the dark.

    Is a few bucks off the cost of a round of golf more important than a child being hit by a car some evening in poor light while riding their bike? Is it me, my, I or is it we, and us. What is really important to a community?

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