Harassed by Diamondhead Police

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    I posted this under security, because there wasn’t a more applicable topic to post under, but I’ll post here as well.

    At or about 2145 November 5, my wife and I were departing Park Ten Lanes. We approached the four way stop at Gex Rd, Gex Dr, W Aloha Dr, and Diamondhead Dr (by Subway, Shell, and 21st Century) and came to a stop. A Diamondhead Police Officer was situated southbound at the intersection and I waited for him to proceed, because he was there first, and without a directional I assumed he was going straight through the intersection. He turned right, without a turn signal, passing the drivers side of my vehicle. Being cool outside I had the drivers side window down, and as he passed I asked, “What, even you don’t need to use a turn signal?” He motioned something out his window and I proceeded to turn left towards home.

    About 10 seconds later I had headlights in my rearview, and low and behold it was the same Diamondhead Police Officer following less than one car length behind me. I continued home, him close in pursuit, and then pulled into my driveway and honked my disapproval of his tailgating tactics.

    He took opportunity to use the first u-turn available and then stopped in front of my house, got out of his car, walked into my driveway with his flashlight in my face, and approached me. He asked if I had a problem. I said yes, “you are supposed to set the example and follow all traffic laws just as I am.” He told me he was guiding an elderly lady to her destination, so I asked if that meant he could violate routine traffic laws. I also told him he was not welcome on my property and that he was trespassing. He flashed his flashlight at my license plate and told me “I will keep an eye on you.” I asked him if that was a threat but he just kept walking.

    I asked him his badge number as he walked away; he told me it was 61 but I’m hard pressed to believe him.

    If this is what my tax dollars are paying for, I’m opting out. Following the incident I called dispatch and told them I’d like to file a complaint. Heidi told me I’d have to call back during normal business hours tomorrow to speak with Al Herman (she had to ask his official title) and then told me he was Chief of Diamondhead police. She told me, “You voted for him so you should know who he is.” Well, I’m not sure I voted for him but what that had to do with anything I have no idea. So I asked her what I should do if the officer came back to harass me again tonight, should I call this number to have another officer dispatched to the house. She told me, and I quote, because I wrote it down immediately, “Sir, he is a police officer and he is allowed to come onto your property any time he likes.” I find that interesting since I’m pretty sure, even in the small city of Diamondhead, that our 4th Amendment rights are still in effect.



    No one voted for Al Hermann..Ricky Adam gave him the title and green light to put Capt. bars on his collar..the police out here are one big,pathetic joke, and before long, I fully expect someone to sue the so called “City” here and the S.O.They are a pathetic bunch at best.



    I was at Rouses a few weeks ago and there was a woman very upset at the DHPD. She was driving 34 MPH instead of 30MPH going through DH. Her ticket was $230+. I have heard some other rediculous fines from some of the business owners around town. So I put my cruise control on 30. I hate it, but I don’t want to pay them anymore money then what they’re getting now.



    Wait until they start actively pursuing a casino.
    It will give them an excuse to greatly expand the number of pistol packing boneheads.
    Hopefully the people who are anxious to see police roaming around will get to experience first hand the benefits of a police state.



    They are pursuing a Casino, and they will not stop till they get it. They stand to make too much money off the deal to stop now. Sorry for Hi Jacking the tread …return to normal conversation……

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