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    I’ve sent 2 e-mails, 1 to the sales group and one to the Tech support group asking about the posibility of wireless connections in the Diamondhead area and have not heard anything back. The first was sent on Marh 19th and the second on Apr 3rd.

    Has anyone here actually talked with them ?



    At the present time Whisper Network is finalizing the installation of their antenna for Diamondhead. It is expected to finish tests and certify operating ranges within the next 10 days. All who have signed up on their web site, http://www.whispernetwork.com will be contacted as soon as the system is 100% operational.



    “All who have signed up”

    The problem is that I had a few questions about their service BEFORE I signed up. If they would answer my questions and it sounds like it would work I would sign up tomorrow and gladly hand over the money. Unfortunately they have yet to answer either e-mail which leads me to think that I got my hopes up too soon.
    For those interested:
    1) The coverage map shows me in a light green area but does that mean that there is coverage or that it is planned ?. If planned when do you think it might become available ?

    2) Is there a minimum contract length to sign up for ?.

    3) Is there a “download limit” / Fair Use Policy in place ?. I ask because I am a “Linux Geek” and when I looked at Directway they have a “Fair Use Policy” that cuts you to dial up speed if you download more then 200mb in a 4 hour period. A typical Linux distribution can run around 600mb and would take days on Directway because of their policy.

    4) With the SOHO residential plan how does the receiving modem connect to the pc ?. Is there an Ethernet connection that would allow me to output into a Linksys router ?.



    No one has been asked for any money and installations will not start until the system is fully tested. There is simply a signup list at Whisper Networks web site to establish a waiting list for when the service goes on line.

    Where did you send the emails? In Hancock County, Exact Solutions International is the sole distributor for the service. You can contact ESI at sales@exactsolutions.com ESI can be reached at 255-7199 between 9am and 5pm M-F. ESI is in the process of setting up a forum on this site for the sole purpose of answering all questions related to service and installation. Be advised that some of the technology used is proprietary and will not be divulged in accordance with contract guidelines.

    To answer your questions:

    1. Availability is subject to tower space acquisition.

    2. Yes, one year, minimum with the installation cost upfront, two years with deferred installtion costs (additional $10.00 per month)

    3. There will be no restriction on bandwidth and ESI will not hold your choice of OS against you. (ESI is a Microsoft Certified Partner, resistance is futile).

    4. Who told you there was a modem? A modem, as the acronym inplies, requires an analog network segment. The Whisper Network is a strictly a digital system (802.11b and g with 802.16 to follow) utilizing a transceiver which connects directly to any device via a standard RJ45/CAT5 wiring installation.

    Anymore other questions?



    Thank you VERY much for the answers, I sent the e-mails to ‘helpdesk@whispernetwork.com’ and ‘sales@whispernetwork.com’ on Apr. 5th and March 19th.
    I had checked out ESI’s website before but there was absolutely no mention of High Speed Wireless there so I was not sure I was at the right spot. As for the details of the technology used I don’t need to know everything as long as it works.

    The most important issue was the restriction on bandwidth, and don’t worry, my main computers are MS products the linux thing is just a side gig. Although I would be surprised if they would even do an install on a Linux box based on the odds of the “installer” understanding the differences.

    I was also concerned about connecting it to my home network (eg the Linksys box). Nobody said “modem” perhaps receving antena would have been more descriptive. While it does have a cat5 input on the WAN side I wonder what type of authentication the whisper system requires and if the linky can provide it. If it is just a MAC address that whisper allows on the network then it should be fine, if we get into user/pw I’m not sure if that would work.

    Like I said, as someone that had high speed internet before moving here 1 1/2 years ago and had to resort back to dial up I would easily pay the instal costs and sign up tomorrow if it was ready.

    * Do you know what the light green / dark green areas on the Whisper Map are for ?.

    Thank you again for your response, I look forward to hearing more about this as it becomes available.



    We had the same problems with contacting Whisper. I called and left messages over a two day period with no returned calls. When I did get in touch with them, they did not have a lot of information available other than the system was being installed and that more info would be available at a later date. Is there going to be line of sight issues with these antennas? Is there any issue with outages due to weather conditions? I know that every time it rains, we get satellite washout due to poor reception. Will that happen with the Whisper system? Since Diamondhead does not allow external antennas, is there going to be problems with the POA? They seem to turn a blind eye to small satellite dishes, so do you think they would allow antennas to be installed for internet access? Also, who exactly is ESI? Isn’t that you? Thanks for any information in advance!



    Whisper Network has developed technology to circumvent the problems inherent with other system topologies such as satellite. Due to the overwhelming response for its services, Whisper Network has formed a strategic alliance with Exact Solutions International of Diamondhead, MS. See article here: http://www.diamondheadnews.com/absolutenm/templates/Dheadheadline.asp?articleid=251&zoneid=10

    Exact Solutions International is the exclusive agent for Whisper Network in Hancock County. All inquires from Diamondhead are directed to their office. Their personnel have extensive experience in compliance with some of the toughest preservation societies in the country and abroad concerning installation of equipment ranging from CCTV and computer networking to intrusion and fire detection. The “antenna” is actually a transceiver and is only 10 ½ inches square by 3 inches deep. It is smaller than the smallest satellite dish.

    The system will go online and installations will begin after it has been fully tested and deemed operational. More information concerning ESI’s products and services can be attained by calling 255-7199 or by visiting their website at http://www.ExactSolutions.com .



    I clicked on the link you provided for ESI. It seems to be a webpage instead of a conventional website. Every link goes to the same page, and has a number to call for more information. It has a bunch of fuzzy looking logos at the bottom of the page that seem to be cut and pasted, but no linkable points for specific information. Generally, websites provide information, such as customers served, headquarters, personnel and management, etc. without requiring a phone call. Can you provide further details as to who ESI is, and where their physical place of business is located in Diamondhead? There was no information on the ESI site about Whisper Networks that I can seem to find!



    LOL, this is almost funny to see “high speed technology” from a company that looks like it used Yahoo web page creator to create their Company website. The web page does not ring “confidence” to me but quite honestly if they can manage to get a high speed internet connection to me I really don’t care.

    On the side topic, I have a 3 LNB sat dish and an clear shot to the sky and I still suffer from “rain fade” with my DTV system during heavy rain storms.

    From what I know about wireless tech rain fade should not matter but I’m interested to see how they blanket Diamondhead with all the trees / houses on top of each other.

    Again though, if they can give me an 800k connection (compared to 1.5mb to 3.0mb with cable) I’d be more then happy to hand them a check today.



    There is no secret to the fact that my husband, Skip Alfonso and I, Anne Alfonso, own both ESI and Bay Jourdan Publishing. We have run both businesses here in Diamondhead for over ten years.

    ESI built and maintains this website and forum at no charge to the community.

    We have chosen to utilize this forum to answer any questions concerning the WiFi service that is being installed here in Diamondhead. Please refer to posting at: http://www.diamondheadnews.com/forum/thread-view.asp?threadid=74&MessageID=337#337

    It should be noted that “BEMUSED” is associated with the local company that partnered with a competitor of ESI and promised to bring high speed internet access to Diamondhead in October of last year. See postings at: http://www.diamondheadnews.com/forum/thread-view.asp?threadid=37&MessageID=211#211 and at: http://www.diamondheadnews.com/forum/thread-view.asp?threadid=37&MessageID=215#215

    We do not design websites to our competitor’s specifications and we do not provideanyone with our customer list.

    It should also be noted that the owner of that local company has admitted to a close personal tie to individuals currently being sued by us for torturous interference with contract we have with the POA.

    Mr. John Cook and his wife have attempted to deface and defame the work that ESI has done by posting and removing responses to subscriber’s inquiries (see postings at: http://www.diamondheadnews.com/forum/thread-view.asp?threadid=37&MessageID=156#156), and by using this forum to badger and taunt us (see Letters to the Editor at: http://www.diamondheadnews.com/absolutenm/anmviewer.asp?a=228&z=14). Mr. Cook even went so far as to threaten violence when he did not get his way.

    We wanted our subscribers to know all the information so they can decide.



    OK, now I understand a little more.
    ITEM #1 : I will make it clear that I have ABSOLUTELY NO AFFILIATION to any cable company / ESI / Jourdan Publishing / high speed interenet company. I honestly am a person looking for high speed internet access in an area not currently serviced by it. It is not my intention to offend anyone’s feelings or get into a “My service is better then your’s” match. I don’t care who gets it done first to be honest.

    I will say that I did not know that Jourdan Publishing and ESI were owned by the same people but based on a few of the reply’s / PM’s I’ve gotten it makes sense.(again, read item #1)

    “We do not design websites to our competitor’s specifications and we do not provide anyone with our customer list” This is an interesting point, I have to say that now that I know the connection between ESI and BJP I am even MORE surprised that with all the hype here about the antenna’s going up and final testing going on the ESI website did not have more information on it. Links to whispernetworks were useful but e-mails there went unanswered so it was of little value. Do you intend to update the ESI website to include information about the wireless high speed access ?. For what it’s worth I stand by my comments about the ESI website. As someone that has a pretty strong tech background and has played around with a few sites in the past the ESI site could really use some improvement especally if the intent is to offer a service like high speed internet. This is my own opinion and as such can be worth as little or as much to you.

    What will ESI’s responsibility be in providing access to Hancock county ?. If there is an issue who should the end user call ? What other “technology based” services does ESI provide ?. As someone that went through the early days of DSL years ago when the local telco provided the connection but another ISP provided the service the “it’s their fault / it’s not my problem” mentality can be enought to pull your hair out and as bad as I want Highspeed I’m not sure I need those headaches again. NOTE: These can all be answered by PM if there is a sensitivity about this information, though I can’t imagine there would be.

    Few more questions though, now that I know you own both companies, the map on Whispernetworks site, Dark green and light green, what do the 2 colors mean ?. Is Dark Green service soon and light green is service at some time much later down the road ? Will there be newsgroup access included with the service ?

    Since we are on the basis of full disclosure I don’t actually live in Diamondhead but in Hancock county just north of Diamondhead. I was told about this service by a person moving out of Diamondhead and into a house in my development.



    I believe the “sour grapes” remark was directed to “Bemused” not you.

    We will not be detered by vendettas or petty politics of individuals with their own agendas. We, like you sir, are only interested in the service.

    As one who has wrestled with the original “it’s not us, it’s them” scenario, ie the ATT breakup back in the 70s, I understand your concerns. ESI will insure that all subsribers connectivity problems as they relate to Whisper Networks will be promptly addressed. In other words, if you have a problem with the Whisper Network system we, ESI, will check the access point at the subscribers premise for connectivity and remedy the situation if it is the fault of the provider. We will not repair or configure your computer or network equipment without written permission from you and probably not even then.

    As far as the “green map”, We have not discussed this with WN but it does not look like it has been updated recently. We only go by our testing of an area for signal strength and connectivity which is rapidly changing. Since WN has just recently installed several new transceivers in Hancock County I would not rely on this info. It is the our intention to have 100% coverage of Hancock County by fall 2004. I do not think many realize what this will mean. If you own a laptop or handheld with 802.11x technology, you will have internet access throughout the county.

    Again we will not begin installations until the system is fully tested.

    Before ESI became affilated with WN, it found no need to advertise it services as it schedule over the past five years was fully booked providing consulting, security and training here and abroad. As with all alliances, certain terms were left open as our primary objective is to fulfill a desperate need for access in the area. Both Whisper Networks and Exact Solutions International are working very hard to make this cutting edge system a reality in areas that have been bypassed by other companies. In doing so we will bring a service of quality and value unmatched by any existing offering.

    We will have a forum and other information on ESI’s site after we have accomplished these priorities. Until then give us a call or email us at info@exactsolutions.com or continue to use this forum.



    On behalf of the entire staff at Whisper, we appreciate your comments and interest regarding our service. Further, we apologize to all who have experienced any difficulty in contacting us. The roll out and request for service, not only in Hancock County, has kept us very busy.

    Rest assured, we want to begin service in your area sooner than you want us there. We are in the process of completing the main feed to Diamondhead. Upon doing so, we will begin roll out to the community. Before formally offering the service to you, we want to make certain any potential wrinkles have been ironed out. We realize we announced service in your area will be available soon. As far as an immediate and definitive start date, we will let EVERYONE know when it arrives. We will not compromise quality of technology for expedience. We hope you understand and respect that, and believe we all we happier for it.

    We will use this forum to address technical questions and concerns, but feel free to continue to call our office or use the website, http://www.whispernetwork.com. Please direct all requests for service to ESI. ESI will also fulfill installation. We will provide technical support.

    I will monitor this forum and keep you abreast of developments as I am able. Again, we thank you for your interest, and look forward to having you as a part of the Whisper Network.


    Finley Hewes, Jr.
    VP Whisper Network



    It seems funny to me “bemused” that you are going to point fingers at someone for “Fuzzy” graphics when the website listed in your profile has “Fuzzy” graphics as well. Did you design your own webpage? Do you know what it takes to create and maintain a website? Do you have any graphic knowledge at all? Or did you use a “Template” that came with a program such as FrontPage. You are harassing people that keep up with 2 businesses and countless websites. Maybe that is the reason they have not updated the Exact Solutions site. And if they did not want the website associated with themselves, why did they list a phone number? If you have employment opportunities in that many states, why don’t you have an 1800 number? Is your corporate office at your P.O. Box in Diamondhead?

    I am glad that your integrity allows you to associate yourself on your website with ENRON the largest bankruptcy case in U.S. History. The one that led thousands to lose their life savings, and the one that has many of its top CEO’s is investigated for obstruction of justice. Not really what I would call “integrity”.

    The definition of integrity says that it is “Moral soundness; honesty; freedom from corrupting influence or motive; — used especially with reference to the fulfillment of contracts, the discharge of agencies, trusts, and the like; uprightness; rectitude.”

    So please tell me Mrs. Bemused (being that you are married, Mrs. is the correct title for someone who is married), how do you have integrity by belittling and harassing people? Do you honestly know ALL the facts? Have you heard both sides of the story? Or do you just have “selective hearing” and believe what you want?



    Did this person even bother to read the bottom of the front page? For what it is worth, this is a great web site. Too bad the powers that be don’t care more about the outside members and participate, it is the 21st century.
    In checking out ESI’s website, I’d much rather talk to a human than be put through a maze by a computer.

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