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    I bet all you folks saying “become a city so we don’t get annexed by BSL” are really kicking yourselves in the pants. Look at where the community/city is now. We have a POA that is still a bunch of crooks. Even though those who aren’t a golfer, tennis player, or a plane flyer are the majority of the community, they are represented as the minority in the POA. We have a city hall that thinks they should burn money without asking the community. People are hired or self appointed and the citizens are **** outta luck, with no say on it.

    Just think, had DH been annexed, we wouldn’t have nearly the amount of stupid crap going on. Too bad we can’t go back to pre-city days and beg for annexation. It would’ve been the best thing for Diamondhead.

    Yeah yeah, shoulda coulda woulda. Well guess what, congratulations Diamondhead, we are the laughing stock of the MS Gulf Coast/East LA. I look forward to seeing DH represented on WLOX tv and news websites. The more we are talked about, the less people want to move here, the more people want to move out (thus causing more renters who don’t give two-****s about this community so it will turn to trash and crime). The latest blows were Richard Rose and him being another crook who ran himself out of a job, and Kyger the “accused” assaulter who thinks it is okay to not only put his hands on another person but to put his hands on a female. Way to go Mr. Kyger! I bet you feel like a big man putting your hands on a woman! You may only have another week or so left on the job, but your ass should have been removed from office the day you were arrested.

    I sincerely hope every one of you people of this community goes and votes on the 21st. DO NOT USE THE PROXY. I’d rather see someone not vote at all then mail in the proxy to allow for the cronies in power to vote for themselves. The city is spiraling downwards and eventually will self destruct (think it is bad now? just wait..let these people in office stay in office…) If we are going to be a city then be a freaking city. Get rid of the POA. If we don’t want to act like a city then get rid of city hall and the cronies. It should be one or the other not both. The finger pointing back and forth between the city and POA is getting old.



    Everything you stated is absolute fact …I definitely didn’t want to become a city, we had enough crooks in the POA, now we have duplicates, and are taxed to death, can’t get a straight answer from anyone, and as you said, Kyger should have been a man and resigned and hid himself from sight assaulting a female..he can thank God I wasn’t there, because I will come to the immediate defense of a female being assaulted by a (man?)..doubts there..
    It would be nice to see DH get squared away, but this will never happen, our crime rate has escalated due to people renting their homes to Sec 8 , and I understand, because you can’t sell a home here anymore..Diamondhead is a Vile,NASTY word anymore.



    yep..pretty much..



    I am a renter here for the past 3 years. Due to losing my job, I had to walk away from my home in Slidell and it was cheaper to rent here than in Slidell. I feel like a 2nd class citizen however. I was hoping once this community became a city, it would be more inclusive. That was wishful thinking on my part. I still am confused as to how you can have a POA that is a duplicate of City Hall. I feel very safe in this community. More so than in Slidell. But as a “renter” who has always been a homeowner I definitely feel I have no voice in this “community”.



    You feel 2nd class? You can do everything with the amenities that an owner can do with the possible exception of using the pools if the POA actually checks for cards – which they don’t do very often. Even at that you can buy a card to use the pools for much less than the owners have to pay in dues. The men’s golf club has all the tee time tied up so even most POA members can’t get a tee time.

    Negative comments on here about renters relate to those renters who don’t follow the rules – parking in medians, parking on lawns, load noise, poorly maintained yards and endless yard sales – and those complaints are valid. POA members moved here and pay dues so the covenants will be enforced to enhance the quality of life here.



    Darlene, I, for one, am sorry that residents in this community make you feel that way. They mostly tend to be full of themselves and after 3 years of living in UTOPIA, lol, I can’t really understand why. They want Mayberry RFD but think they are living in some really exclusive resort. I am a homeowner and I welcome people from all walks of life. Judge not lest Ye be judged! Welcome and good luck with this basket of nuts around here!



    Thanks for your kind reply, Sue. I understand I can purchase a card to get into the pools. However, isn’t my landlord already paying due on a property she is not residing in? Can she still use the facilities?? I feel like it’s double dipping for me to have to pay to use the pools when my landlord (a lovely lady) is paying dues because she owns the house. And as a resident for 3 years I feel like I have no voice and my opinions are not welcomed because I am only a renter. It would be nice to know what’s going on here. As a renter I find out after the fact. Jjith, you confirmed my opinion about 2nd class status. Thanks.



    Darlene, you are welcome. When I moved here I rented a condo for 3 months before purchasing a home. My landlord told me that he paid dues and we could use amenities because he did. I am trying to remember but I think he told me to bring my lease to poa and we would get cards. I would definitely ask your landlord to call them for you. There is no reason you should have to pay when she does already. Pay no attention to these posters on here. They act like they control the keys to the kingdom, alas, nobody cares what they think, lol
    Please feel free to message me anytime, I am always on the forum, it’s really quite amusing 🙂



    ^^^ as Sue said, you shouldn’t have to pay for amenities already being paid for. As far as my rant about renters, it doesn’t apply to everyone (mainly goes along the lines of, if the shoe fits, wear it). there is always a bad apple in the bunch. here in DH it applies to home owners too. some people think they are above everyone else. hopefully with the newly elected officials, this stigma goes away. previously, if you weren’t part of the upper echelon of pilots, south side land owners, tennis players, or golfers; you had no voice.

    I look forward to seeing you around DH.




    Let’s all work together as good neighbors and start doing what is positive for Diamondhead. We have a lot of wonderful people living in Diamondhead. If we want to make it better let’s give the City and POA Newley ELECTED OFFICIALS a chance by working together instead of tearing things apart. Remember the old saying “TOGETHER WE STAND” well let’s start right now, let’s ALL WORK TOGETHER AND MAKE DIAMONDHEAD A PLACE WE ALL CAN BE PROUD TO OF.



    Al, I agree. This weekend I started thinking of what I want to do improvement-wise to my house for my living comfort, prior to the election my thought was what is and isn’t worth doing to sell it. Had the election brought more of the same old BS I was going to get out of here, even though the market is not so good for selling. I feel better about the direction of Diamondhead with the new POA board. Having open meetings with the board encouraging questions and involvement from the members and no secret back room deals that we pay for is a big step in the right direction.

    If the new POA board makes their office run efficiently and consistently members won’t have to dread dealing with them. Now is the time to stand together and make Diamondhead the place where we want to live.



    We together can make DH a better place to live.
    Love to all.



    Wonderful thoughts and ideas! DH could be the greatest community if was not for a few dirt road big shots! Hopefully the politics are changing.



    As a renter, would I be permitted to attend POA meetings. I was treasurer of my HOA in Slidell for more than 5 years and I was involved. I’d like to be involved here too.



    Ma’am, consider yourself my guest. I’ll be the guy with the camera.

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