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    Why have an “EXTRA LAYER OF MANAGEMENT,” (as a CERTAIN old officer stated in the minutes) BASED OUT-OF-STATE?

    Two former POA officers (who seem to know what they are talking about) have said that the POA’s own financial figures show that HMS has not helped the POA’s financial position in 3 years BUT was paid almost $500,000 over that same time. Yet certain old and new Board forces are so tied to HMS that it will be difficult to get rid of the company, even when the contract expires at the end of this year.

    The “Management Company” hired by the Kyger Board in 2011 for $10,000 per month and paid that for 3 years (it’s only $5,000 per month NOW, as a certain Board member piped up to say at the last POA meeting) plus “incentives/bonuses” ($70,000 per year under Kyger, less now) to “run everything” including supervising HMS’s “no longer related” former “independent subsidiary” ForeFront Construction, which is being paid $250,000 per year (for 5 years) to “improve” the golf courses.
    And now there is a push from certain Board members to hand HMS a new contract which will reportedly move POA accounts to Georgia and let HMS hire/fire our POA staff? What is going on? Why can’t our elected “representatives” (Board members) answer our questions?


    HMS: In their own words:
    “FOREFRONT CONSTRUCTION and HMS Golf boast an impressive portfolio…The HMS formula for success … includes extensive corporate office OVERSIGHT and control.” HMS Team: Jim Haslam, President & CEO; James Haslam, Dir. of Operations. HMS Golf Management: 1007 Towne Lake Hills East, Suite 330,Woodstock, GA 30189. 770-928-3841. Fore Front Construction Corp.: 7214 Meadow Gate Way, Woodstock, GA 30189. 770-516-2998.



    I would have to say, apparently Kyger was lining his wallet with our couldn’t be more obvious.Think about it for a moment..vsimons said, “why have an extra layer of management”?.Exactly..if the POA board isn’t capable of doing the job, resign and we wil get new people.(Might even find an honest one or two out there).



    Good questions. I hope one of the board members gives an honest and unbiased reply. We certainly can do without an extra and costly layer of management from an out-of-state GOLF company. It seems very sinister to be moving control of our money further and further away from us. Their employees have told us they read here only to laugh at us. Yet we are the people who pay the bills.

    I think turning the two golf courses over to the city would solve a lot of these problems in one fell swoop. Without the unbearable constant expense of the golf courses and CC this city could really take off and prosper.
    No POA subsidized golf courses= no Jim Haslam-HMS team draining our pocketbooks.



    A certain POA Board member wants to not only keep HMS, but also EXTEND HMS control of our POA finances and assets. This same person says “we could lower dues” BUT “in two years” the board “would have to double the dues to correct the havoc wrought by reckless abandonment.” This guy’s “protect amenities at all costs” spiel is being parroted by many old guard types and is being used as part of a “keep HMS” rationale.


    Elena Weber

    My understanding is that John Fletcher will not renew the HMS agreement when it expires in December.
    As President, he has the authority to do that without the Board’s involvment. You are correct that his company has cost the POA over $482,000 over the last three years, while improving profits of $124,000. That is a loss to the POA of over $358,000 over the three years of the HMS contract. Why would we extend this kind of contract. While Harvey , Crosby and certainly Kyger would like to extend his contract, I don’t think the rest of the board is of that opinion.




    One hears there are interesting connections between HMS and developer D.R. Horton, which plans to build a batch of NON-CUSTOM houses in Glen Eagle on lots recently purchased, or optioned, from Purcell.

    At the recent county tax sale, batches of lots bought previously by some other “Big Developers” (who thought to make a killing in DH) were sold for taxes. (Many of these “developers” failed to pay POA dues. Such corporations can write off losses that us ordinary homeowners can’t do.)

    This LATEST “Big Developer” has a reputation that can be researched online: Read the complaints from homeowners online. Google “D.R. Horton COMPLAINTS” for lots more info. Here are a few examples:
    Jim of Greenville, SC on Oct. 15, 2014: “Overall, the quality of construction of the home is shoddy and sloppy. Home has numerous nail-pops throughout…” Sharon of Woodbridge, VA on Oct. 15, 2014: “Lived here 3 years & they will not fix front door frame. Disabled VET on limited budget….”

    “I’ve seen SO MANY BAD REVIEWS from DR Horton, and we just signed a contract to buy a new house. Now, I’m afraid that we are not getting something good and we are going to get stocked for 30 years. Can I get some advise pls?”

    “It is a shame that D R has no concern for the homeowner/consumer. Installing a mechanical plumbing device that will fail and leak deadly sewer gas shows no concern for homeowners. Think SARS all over again. AAV’s will never be as safe as an open air plumbing system.” http://dr-horton-home-builders.****

    Are DR Horton homes typically considered to be of poor quality? Are these homes more difficult to resell?
    “I am interested in purchasing a lovely resale home in Eagle Springs. The only problem is that the builder, DR Horton, has a terrible reputation….
    I am EXTREMELY CONCERNED about the builder’s reputation for shoddy work. What is the resale value of DR Horton homes, compared to homes of other, more reputable builders? What are typical problems people encounter with DR Horton?



    Elena Weber – 2014-10-26 12:03 PMMy understanding is that John Fletcher will not renew the HMS agreement when it expires in December. As President, he has the authority to do that without the Board’s involvment. You are correct that his company has cost the POA over $482,000 over the last three years, while improving profits of $124,000. That is a loss to the POA of over $358,000 over the three years of the HMS contract. Why would we extend this kind of contract. While Harvey , Crosby and certainly Kyger would like to extend his contract, I don’t think the rest of the board is of that opinion.

    That’s good news, proof that we voted in the right poa president. Thank you.



    Believe it when you see it. I doubt our new President will stand up to the Kygerites, including those new Board members who have so easily been converted to “KYGERISM” (keep dues high, spend spend spend on pet projects, subsidize the elite, stick it to the rest.)

    Also, watch what develops soon re the HMS/Haslam connection to Purcell and Horton. A push for a NEW HMS contract is underway.

    Our “leaders” (POA and City) have a track record of being easily impressed by out-of-state “Big Developers” that are touted to do great things for DH, and then either go bankrupt or let their properties go up at the TAX SALE. Many of these “Big Developer’s” parcels have not only been auctioned for delinquent taxes, but also were “STRUCK TO THE STATE” (because of attracting NO bids) in which case NEITHER POA dues NOR City/County taxes are paid on the properties. (Guess who eventually has to make up for these revenue losses in POA and City budgets?: Us, the ordinary citizens who pay dues and taxes.)

    SEE More:
    “Tax Forfeited Lands are managed and disposed of by the Public Lands Division. These lands represent properties that have matured in title to the state of Mississippi for non-payment of property taxes.” (There are 140 pages of such properties in Hancock County. Start with page one and count how many are in DH.)

    Here’s another interesting website: HUD foreclosures here in DH.



    Eli Biggers, our latest country club manager, is NOT coming here from the Eastern Shore Yacht Club in VA as claimed in November’s Diamondhead News. He left there at the end of 2013 to become general manager of the Purcell-developed, HMS-run Lake Arrowhead, GA yacht and country club where he has been since January of this year. Link [scroll down to Operations Review]:

    According to his farewell in the Eastern Shore YC’s newsletter a year ago, he was leaving them for HMS for whom he would be General Manager over one club (Lake Arrowhead) but Operations Manager over all three of the clubs he will be running for HMS. That’s a lot of detail being kept quietly out of the Diamondhead News. Link [scroll down to p. 3]:



    Here we go again. Another cherry picked HMS puppet hired to waste our money and funnel it to Georgia. Yet more proof that the Diamondhead “official” news is like a state run Nazi paper trying to deceive us. Biggers has been employed by HMS Golf of Georgia for a year yet the front page of their Nazi POA paper paints a different picture, making it look like he just left employment with a non HMS company.



    Yes. It is a deliberate lie by someone(s) in the POA/D’head News to state that Biggers came here from his Virginia Eastern Shore YC gig — an open, obvious attempt to disguise the HMS connection.

    The more I learn of the rotten political morass in which Diamondhead is sunk, the more appalled I become. With lifelong experience in Louisiana and South Mississippi politics, I cannot claim to be surprised.

    But I am now convinced that unless residents get together, retain a competent lawyer from far away to ensure that there’s no collusion, and find a way to take back the community from its controlling interests, we surely qualify as passive, willing supporters of a disgracefully anti-democratic, deceitful, and dysfunctional community.



    I think it is time to get a competent Attorney, not from this area and bring this bunch of crooks to court..we certainly have enough on all of them to do away with a POA and possibly this city too.Thay all do as they please, and treat the paying members as if we are a bunch of idiots.I haven’t believed anything I read in the DH “rag” for a long time, for a period I was keeping up with the monies received and the expenditures,(as well as I could) with the figures they printed..they never come close to matching up./Like this maverick fire dept..they are paid by the city , and county from our taxes,claim to have 2 fully staffed fire stations, and that is nothing but a Jerry Dubuisson LIE.Occasionally, the house on Golf Club dr will have a fire truck, I watch it pass by my I said, occasionally.All their equipment is paid for by the USDA..why does it take so much for them to operate?.Check their salaries.



    Yes, unless we enjoy being senseless little doormats, it’s time to lawyer up, find out what can be done, and do it.



    I think there is enough unhappy residence here, that we all came together and hire a good attorney it would not be that much up front. What everyone needs to do if you are serious;
    1. Start a list of names and phone numbers email

    2. Have a meeting

    3 start exploring attorney possibilities

    I would like see Mr. Fletcher answer this subject, if he has the power himself then why hasn’t he done so?



    Mr Fletcher, I know you to be an honest and direct man. Please answer the direct question many dues paying members are asking you. Since you alone as president have the power to get rid the costly, much hated and inefficient HMS Golf Management group the thug kyger hired, will you get rid of their contract at the end of the year?

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