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    As most of you know I have been at the old Rouse parking out in the mornings collecting signatures against the Jacobs/POA Casino deal. Last Thursday I called the Management Company that handles that property and was told it would be no problem. So I have been there since last Friday.

    Now this morning, at 10:15 Two vehicles drove up, one being a City Truck and a private car. The two that got out were Richard Sullivan and the other Joe Lopez Councilman for Ward 1. Now Rouse is not in Ward 1. Mr. Lopez did most of the talking and told me I was not allowed to park there unless I had to have a fax or letter from the owner sent to the city for approval. I told him I didn’t have that with me, but when I got home I would have that sent to him. He said well lets take care of it now and I will call them. While he was waiting on the phone, the party who pulled up with them turned out to be the owner of O’Neals Restaurant wife according to Richard Sullivan when I asked who was she after she left, who said to Mr. Lopez, “is this the one you were talking about” and he said “I will be over later.” Well the gentleman with the management company whom I was working with tells Mr. Lopez that he never gave me permission. So I told Mr. Lopez that I wanted to talk to him and the party I was dealing with to get permission to be there said :we changed our mind and I tried to call you all day Friday and your phone was not working” even though I had been on the phone off and on that day. So I ended up having to pack up and leave. But before they left I asked, where can I go that is not in controlled by the city or POA and has public parking and Mr.Lopez said nowhere.

    I would just like to know why is Joe Lopez discussing any city business with O’Neal’s wife. That will be one place I will never eat at. And those who have stopped by, know I did not cause any traffic jam, I felt it was just harrassment.



    First POA Bullies, now ELECTED OFFICIAL Bullies?
    WHAT are THEY afraid of?
    An elderly, disabled woman with a petition and a handmade sign?

    City councilmen AND employees are PUBLIC officials and subject to MS Ethics Laws.


    § 25-4-1. Legislative intent
    The Legislature hereby declares it ESSENTIAL to the proper operation of democratic government that PUBLIC officials AND EMPLOYEES be independent and impartial; that governmental decisions and policy be made in the PROPER CHANNELS of the governmental structure; that PUBLIC office not be used for private gain other than the remuneration provided by law; that there be public CONFIDENCE in the INTEGRITY of government; and that public officials be assisted in determinations of conflicts of interest.

    info@ethics.state.ms.us; thood@ethics.state.ms.us

    Hon. Jim Hood, ATTORNEY GENERAL;
    Complaint Form: http://www.ago.state.ms.us/forms/complaint-form/



    Boy this is a trip. Joe Lopez presented himself as a reform candidate during the last election and it turns out that he is a miserable creep.



    I hope everyone will boycott O’Neal’s,(lousy sandwiches anyway), as for Lopez, he turned out to be a real slimeball, I see.Why do these people (POA and City) try to act as if they are governing Atlanta, or some other great city?…this is a hick place, and with the people in office, it can only get worse.



    Unless I am wrong, Lopez and his crony had no business running Lisa away from that Mall..Malls are private entities, and the City/PoA has NO jurisdiction there.Both these creeps should be exiled to D.C. for the remainder of their life.



    I was just at the mall, saw people having a Cake Fund in front of Conways’ and someone else selling Shrimp across the street..what are the two sleazebags going to do about this?..Lisa, that is blatant discrimination…I hope you sue these two people.



    Remember the Girl Scouts being kicked out because they didn’t have a permit to sell cookies?



    Too bad the parking lot owner(s) changed their minds….cowards




    According to a law enforcement source, the property owner canNOT put Lisa Lowell off of the property. She does not need permission from anyone. Private property that is open to the public is considered a public square according to TWO US SUPREME COURT decisions. The SHERIFF’S OFFICE is aware of this and assures us no action will be taken.

    (326 U.S. 501, 506 (1946).); (391 U.S. 308, 318 (1968).)



    Selling kittens at the shopping center: WHERE’S LOPEZ??

    Someone was at the shopping center today with a sign selling “POLYDACTYL KITTENS” next to the “Shrimp Man”.

    Councilman LOPEZ was evidently not engaged in POLICING today.



    Who owns that property to where Lisa was ran off?



    UPDATE: LOPEZ vs Disabled Woman with Petition: “ILLEGALLY ADVERTISING”???
    (Will he also bust the Shrimp Man, the Cake Fund, the kitten seller, etc.?)

    http://www.seacoastecho.com/article_8005.shtml (NOTE: This article is FULL of inaccuracies about dates, etc.)

    A DH woman is claiming that Councilman JOE LOPEZ overstepped his authority last week, when he… asked her to leave a parking lot where she was getting signatures for a petition against JACOBS ENTERTAINMENT. LISA LOWELL on Monday filed a report about the incident with the DH Police… DPD Captain AL HERMAN said Tuesday that his department did take a report on the incident…LOWELL said she asked LOPEZ where she could go and he said “NOWHERE.”
    ….LOPEZ said… he was not trying to bully her. LOPEZ said… ” I went to see what was going on because WE got a few phone calls…. … illegally ADVERTISING on a city right-of-way. Under ZONING ORDINANCE 10.5.6A, ADVERTISING such as this is not allowed.”
    (ADVERTISING??? She had a home-made sign on poster paper on the mobility scooter holder on her truck!)

    SINCE WHEN IS LOPEZ THE CITY CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER? Prior to Lopez taking control, the Mayor and police officers had seen Lisa with her petition and were not concerned about her potential threat to our “zoning ordinance”.

    On June 25, Lisa went to the Sheriff’s Office to pick up a copy of her DH Police report. Not only was the report full of inaccuracies, Lisa’s 2-page typed statement (detailing the incident with Lopez) WAS MISSING!



    Well, here we go again..a city Councilman that has NO concept of the laws in Ms…better find a good Attorney Joey, I hear the ACLU is on the warpath again…as a Representative of the City, it was in poor taste to run over this poor lady trying to get a Petition going..first Kyger, now you, and the Police even making such an erroneous report…..Boy,oh boy, am I proud of Diamondhead….where can we find some more retards to import here?



    Since a City Councilman di this, I am guessing he has opened our city for liability too..Wonder if DH will ever get squared away..I’m running out of time folks.



    Here we go again. Maybe “Top Cops” will film a series here.

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