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    Too much mixed info (both pro and con) on the incorporation issue… Eminent Domain…

    From what’s I’ve read on the link the Diamondhead POA listed in their monthly newsletter, the POA has no plans to donate the private roads and/or amenities once Diamondhead is incorporated. Legally, however, the new city management can take these row’s, roads, (the whole ball of wax if they want) through Eminent Domain. The POA can’t do diddly squat about it… As far as the beauty of our community… the new city should set out our own set of ordinances which will preserve our ‘superior’ standing, as mentioned in Mr. Feola’s letter. One key difference I see here is that a city government has to follow the law, something the POA is not required to do through their Covenants… Proposition 1 is a perfect example of how the POA misuses it’s power. This Board actually has the nerve to put in writing, their desire to avoid a court order… (I rest my case)…

    Linda Patterson

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