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    So how do you pro incorporation voters feel about it now? Wonder what I’m talking about? Go read the Sea Coast Echo today and see how any house $100K or more will pay $340 city taxes per $100K while POA dues are only going down at most $15 a month.
    Isn’t that nice??? Just what I said would happen, but the idiots who supported this wouldn’t listen. One man got livid in my doorway because I wouldn’t sign a petition to incorporate that was being passed around and paid for with my POA dues.
    I’ve been here 12 years and even though dues have gone from $42 to $80 a month, it was better than this. Oh, are we still going to have to pay fire dues?
    Wow, we sure do have majority idiots if it was voted on by majority. Thanks a lot!! :-O
    P.S. How about coming and knocking on my door now! Attached files Millage may go up in Diamondhead.docx (14.2 KB)Â

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