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    wayne king

    It’s hard to comment on something when there is no information or facts on the casino development. I have read that Trump corp has proven “due diligence” Is that an indication of something important or just an indication of some information that obligates nothing and opens the door for investors to lose their money? What about facility plans, The tons of approvals that need to be aquired, source of potable water, waste disposal, access routes, development time schedule, who is in charge? Is all of this secret? Is there some gain to be gotten by keeping it secret? It would be refreshing to see an honest and open compileing of facts on this project that could effect our community positively or negatively, probably both. Is there some ground floor thing going on in which the people not in the know cannot participate? All cynical comments you say, please, dispell them with facts .



    I do not think that you are being cynical. Quite frankly I agree. It has been “talked” about in construction companies all over the coast but the residents still know nothing. I personally think it is because they are afraid that we would vote it down. If they sneak it in under the radar then we have a casino, problems or no, whether we like it or not.

    I am with you…I would like some information.



    We apologize for the lack of coverage on this subject.

    The latest information on Casino World, the attempted placement of a casino on the south side of Diamondhead, is that Trump has pulled out of the deal completely and the property is for sale. Trump is no longer in the casino business.



    My opinion is that the casino is a necessary evil. It will take time, but it will continue to make Diamondhead a destination not just a spot on the map. I have been coming down here for thirty years and have witnessed the growth. If we incorporate and then anex the casino we will have a tax base that can keep POA dues down and have a better chance at state monies. I sure hope things move quickly enough so I can see the changes in my lifetime.

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