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    I am considering moving to Diamondhead and have recently read about insurance companies either not writing any more policies or asking for rate increases. Could anyone tell me the latest news on this subject. Also what is the premium for the average homeowner’s policy?



    At this time, the Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Associaiton, Inc. is involved with at least two major law suits that could result in massive damage awards. These suits spring from members of the board of directors acting in manner that conflicts with of the best interest of Diamondhead.

    The POA was forced to settle several suits of this type recently, and with these two suits pending, insurance premiums for the non-profit corporation are rising.

    Numerous health care carriers have moved out of the state of Mississippi due to enormous awards by juries for medical malpractice claims, making difficult in some instances to afford health care.

    We have no reports of homeowner policies being affected by these events.

    May we suggest that you contact a agent in this area to address your concerns. You can find them listed in the Diamondhead Community Telephone Directory at


    Rod Willer

    I have been told by my Allstate insurance agent that Allstate is not writing any new policies in the three coastal counties. They will write for existing customers.



    I know that State Farm is not writing new homeowner policies but since we were with State Farm in Louisiana they transferred our policy here in Mississippi. If you are currently a home owner where you are now check with your local agent and see if they can transfer your policy. We were real pleased with our rate here in Mississippi (same coverage) it was less than what we paid in Louisiana. We have been here for only 3 months and we love it here.


    Ron and Bev…. thanx for a positive word. It seems all the real good stuff is oft overshadowed by the “tad of bad”. don



    You may want to try Farm bBreau in Bay St Louis.



    You may want to try Farm Breau in Bay St Louis.


    I had the same problem last November when I moved here. My insurance Co. in La. could not transfer my policy. As one other respondant noted, I had success with Farm Bureau.

    Good Luck and welcome




    I see several respondents seem to believe their rates were reasonable, if they could get insured. I recently tried to get alternative quotes when AllState upped my insurance only to discover practically no one would insure houses at all along the coast. Like others in the forum I was being carried under a grandfather clause-like approach. So not only does it appear that getting insured at all is difficult, but the rates are way up there. American Express would insure my house at $103 until they discovered they would not even insure along the coast. Meanwhile AllState upped my rates to $1000 even though I carried a $1000 deductible. I read this as a 10:1 ratio. To put it another way I think we are paying approximately 10 times the going rate in non-hurricane prone regions all other things being equal.

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